npm weekly #58: npmCamp videos 📺 npm goes to Node Interactive EU 🇳🇱 plus some cool npm tips 😎

Originally published September 1, 2016

Binge watch npmCamp

We counted, it will only take 6 hours!

All of the videos of the talks from last month’s npmCamp are now available. If you have a spare 365 minutes (and 33 seconds), you can watch all 17 back to back. Or, you can spread them out and truly relish them.

From Isaac’s opener to Kassandra Perch’s presentation on Nodebots, npm, People and Node to Sharon Steed’s brilliant talk on communication to Stephan Bonnemann’s Managing dependencies with confidence — these are all morsels of wisdom you don’t want to miss!

“Empathy at Scale” at OS Feels

Late in July, npm humans Rebecca Turner and Forrest Norvell had the opportunity to speak at the Open Source & Feelings conference in Seattle. We already shared Rebecca’s talk on Unpopular Tech and Why It Was Amazing with you, but Forrest’s talk on Empathy at Scale has recently been released. Check them both out!

What we’re reading: How do you get people to show things at a Show & Tell?

Recently Chris Coyier wrote up this recap on how CodePen meetups are run. One format for these meetups is called Show & Tell; Chris gives you the rundown on how to create an inclusive, engaging and low stress event. Great advice for community organizers out there.

Find npm packages easily with this launch bar

This npm action, lbaction-npm, came to our attention not long ago. Created by Marius M., libaction-npm allows you to query for npm packages straight from the launch bar. Finding and installing packages has never been easier!

Secrets of the npm wombats revealed at JSConf Iceland!

(Photo by Elisabeth Irgens)

Last week npm human Raquel Vélez, also known as Rockbot, spoke at JSConf Iceland, revealing the origins of the npm wombats. Check out her talk, the npm website: a tale of wonder and woe (and wombats!) and watch this space for the upcoming video.

npm goes to Node Interactive EU

Last week we announced npm humans Kat Marchán and Aria Stewart will present at Node Interactive EU, taking place in Amsterdam.

This week the Node.js Foundation announced yet another npm human, Ashley Williams, will be joining them too, speaking about npm and NodeTogether! Tickets are still available and include discounted admission to a nearby Banksy exhibit.

Simple npm secrets and tricks!

This NodeSource piece, 11 Simple npm Tricks That Will Knock Your Wombat Socks Off by Tierney Coren, is a great write up on some of the little-known tips and tricks that npm has hidden up its sleeves. Check it out for ways to make your life a little easier.

One more thing — an update on some npm stats! Finally!

npm human Laurie Voss shared an update on some cool npm statistics with the npm community last week. Last Thursday, npm users downloaded 1.2 billion packages throughout the prior week, including 235,746,030 on August 25, a new single-day record. Great work, everyone! 👏

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