npm weekly #90: Install a Code of Conduct with npm, npm at Women Who Code 2017, search scopes!

`npm install — code of conduct` with this new module

To celebrate his authoring 1000 packages, top npm module authorSindre Sorhus released conduct, a new module which allows you to easily install a Code of Conduct with one line of code. The Code of Conduct itself is a boilerplate from Contributor Covenant, and is in no way a substitution for engaged project leads, but it’s an excellent place to start.

A little known fact about Sindre, as pointed out by Laurie Voss this week on Twitter: 12% of package downloads from npm are packages wholly or partially attributable to him! Excellent work. ☺️

Introducing Open Source Maintainer as a service

A new service making waves around the OSS community this week is Maintainer Mountaineer, or The venture, led by Richard Littauer, offers maintainers of projects all shapes and sizes everything from a health check to a dev experience audit to maintenance assistance. Read their mission statement for the full story.

What we’re reading: Propaganda of the Meme

This case study, Propaganda of the Meme, thoroughly examines the role memes now play as a “potent form of political propaganda.” Memes are now considered the norm for solidifying in-group ideological identity and spreading ideas in subtle yet insidious ways through humor.

You might not ever look at memes the same agai — Omg, look, kitties!

Will we see you at Women Who Code Connect 2017?

We’re very excited that Raquel Vélez, aka Rockbot, will be speaking at this year’s Women Who Code Connect later this month. The event takes place on April 29 in San Francisco. Tickets are still available, so grab one while you can!

Check out scope support in npm’s search feature

You might have noticed it by now, but late last week npm’s search got a cool upgrade: scope support. The team behind this upgrade includes Benjamin Coe, André Cruz, and npms. Have fun searching!

Add Conventional Commits to your project

Inspired by Angular’s Commit Guidelines and the methods by which npm has created structured commit histories, Benjamin Coe recently released Conventional Commits, a standardized lightweight convention on top of commit messages.

This convention makes generating CHANGELOGs much easier, as well as provides a contextual history for your project which makes it easier for contributors to navigate and contribute to.

We ♥️ seeing wombats on The New Stack!

Back when we announced free Orgs, The New Stack wrote up a cool history of the company and featured some very cool photos of our favorite furry friends: wombats. If you haven’t looked into Orgs, it’s our collaboration tool for helping teams manage permissions and share their code. Plus, it’s free for all developers of open source packages. Check Orgs out!

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