npm weekly #96: npm takes over the airwaves on FLOSS Weekly and Front End Happy Hour, plus videos from JSConf EU and Script’17!

We dropped by FLOSS Weekly to chat npm5

This week npm human Isaac Schlueter was invited to the FLOSS (Free, as in Libre Open Source Software) Weekly show to talk about the upcoming release of npm version 5.0.

In episode 435, npm’s first appearance on the popular podcast, Isaac chats with hosts Randal Schwartz and Guillermo Amaral about the history of npm, Node.js, and what’s happening in the JavaScript world these days. You can check out the interview via audio or video options.

Discover the story of at Script 17

Earlier in the year we told you about Raquel Vélez traveling to Linz, Austria to speak at Script’17. The video of her talk “Evolution of a web application” is now available! Raquel recounts the story of building our main site, We hope you enjoy the many lessons we learned in the process.

We’re the “bearer tokens” of some news: basic auth to be limited

One of our past recommendations is now becoming a requirement. CJ Silverio explains on the blog how basic http authentication will no longer work for any of the npm registry endpoints that require authorization. We’re now advising you to use bearer tokens instead. Head to the npm blog for an explanation and details.

What we’re reading: So you want to write a package manager

This one is an oldie but goodie. “So you want to write a package manager” by Sam Boyer inspired some of the thinking behind the changes in npm@5. According to Kat Marchán, it “set a new standard for modern package managers that we’re working hard to reach and it has ended up being inspiration for others, too.” Check it out!

npm install mexican cola on Front End Happy Hour

Front End Happy Hour takes the panel approach to podcasting, but ends up feeling more like a low-key hangout with friends. Laurie Voss recently appeared on the show in episode npm install beer — save-in-mouth, sharing his favorite beverage (Mexican cola) and playing the Pee-Wee Herman-esque word-of-the-day drinking game (“dependencies”).

Explore the history of modularity at JSConf EU

Recently we shared Ashley William’s cameo in the widely acclaimed JSConf EU opening performance: People Got Mad JavaScript. We’re happy to share yet another appearance by Ashley, this time at JSConf EU as a speaker, giving “A Brief History of Modularity”.

npm@5 news: npm5 lands in upcoming Node version 8

If you haven’t been following along in GitHub or Twitter, the stars aligned and the timing worked out for new npm version 5.0 to be featured in the upcoming Node.js version 8.0 release. Things are still on schedule for npm@5 to be production-ready on May 31st. For the latest take a look at the release pull request.

Maybe this is something you could use this week

If looking at smaller versions of things (dogs, cats, humans, pangolins!) is one of your coping mechanisms, you are not alone. Please join us in the enjoyment of a tiny warthog in a puddle, courtesy of the Life on Earth Twitter account. Tiny animals FTW!

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