CloneX 3D Files & Full Commercial Rights: What You Need to Know

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3 min readJul 6, 2022


The CloneX 3D Files Are Finally Here! Now, all CloneX owners can unlock their 3D Files Alpha on

Aside from the groundbreaking “utility” for CloneX Owners: the unlocking of 3D files, they also announce full commercial rights!

So, what would some of the specific utilities look like?

Let’s get started.

What are CloneX 3D Files?

New Discord Channel for 3D Files:

Commercial Rights Channel @CloneLaw:

And they are expecting :

- A new generation of Creators to emerge

- Collectors 3D Creators Economy

- Clone Vtubers

- Video game demos

- Fanart NFT’s

- 3D Creator superstars

- New Brands and Wearables to be created

- Dope things

- Weird things

- Unite and CREATE

All CloneX owners can unlock their 3D Files Alpha on:

Once logged in with your Metamask wallet, you can view your CloneX in your inventory.

No gas fees will be required in the process and you will automatically receive all the 3D files you have selected. Maya & Blender users will be able to explore the full potential of the files.


- Mint Fan art NFT

- Make Merch

- Vtubing / Modeling

- Make music/videos

- Make a brand/business

- The limit is your imagination and no use of the RTFKT Blade logo (No logo files included) and unlawful acts

We find some cool creations like this:

Note: Murakami Drip Clones are Fine Art and don’t have Full Commercial Rights. You can create dope content and use 3D Files as long as they are not commercialized/minted.

Closing Thoughts

Although it feels good to work towards our metaverse dreams, there’s little doubt that difficult 3D software learning negatively affected holders’ enthusiasm for creation.

I hope these official tutorials may help you:

How to Download and Customize your 3D CloneX Avatar

How to Pose and Make Renders with your CloneX

How to Create a Snap Filter with your CloneX

Let’s do it.

Thanks for reading the article😊😊😊

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