What Is Nswap?

We are more than an aggregator.

3 min readJun 13, 2022


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  • What Is Nswap?
  • What Is the Nswap Launchpad?
  • What Is the Nswap Marketplace?
  • Why Nswap?

What Is Nswap?

What Is Nswap?

Nswap Marketplace is a premium Multi-chain NFT Marketplace for NFT, GameFi & Metaverse projects designed for Web3.0.

What Is the Nswap Launchpad?

Nswap’s launchpad provides a primary projects aggregator for the NFT market. Launch projects on our platform to help you gain more exposure and promotion.

Nswap also serves NFT enthusiasts with issuance and raffle tools on its site to expose you to a plethora of project opportunities.

Besides that, the Influencer Matrix Plan provides influencers with several resources on Nswap’s platform, while influencers help Nswap to promote on social media and establish a long-term cooperative relationship.

What Is the Nswap Marketplace?

Nswap marketplace is a digital marketplace for crypto collectibles and non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Also a low-gas marketplace for NFTs on multi-chain.

We strive to offer a unique experience that delights our users. You can create, buy, sell, and auction NFTs on the multi-chain with low gas fees that no other can.

Compared with OpenSea, Nswap not only has the basic functionality such as buy/sell, and offers, but also has the competitive advantages of bulking buy/sell, collection quotes, and rarity rankings.

Our market will be officially launched at the end of June. Click Nswap.com and subscribe to us to get the quickest updates & giveaways as it happens.

Why Nswap?

We are more than an aggregator.

Formidable team

Nswap is the first team to simultaneously build a primary and secondary market.

We establish relationships with high-quality projects for the primary market, and then these projects will circulate in our secondary marketplace, ensuring a steady supply of high-quality projects.

Further, Nswap is announcing the following major features for 2022:

Primary project aggregator

We present key information about quality projects in the most user-friendly way, including the release date, offering method, whitelist access, community interest, project ratings, and other important indicators.

All users have to do is open the Launchpad, view the hottest and most promising projects we’ve recently selected, view their profiles, and decide what suits them best.

Issuance and giveaway tools

Strengthen your community with minting functionality for diamond passes, giveaways & technical support.

With our issuance function, you can experience the easiest way to create NFTs. Our smart contract service and minting functions will also help accomplish this.

We can also increase the impact of Raffles through our unique raffle system. This will provide your community with amazing network effects.

Nswap is also announcing the following features you don’t wanna miss:

Multi-chain: Nswap supports multiple blockchains and trades across multiple networks.

Raffles: Help NFT projects quickly create and publish NFT raffles.

NFT Community: Your go-to social network where you can dive into NFTs, gaming, and personal interests.

Nswap Space: Use your own NFT as a virtual avatar to enter the metaverse.

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About Nswap: Nswap is building a decentralized, multi-chain information aggregation platform (Launchpad) and open market (Marketplace) for NFTs. We hope that everyone has the opportunity to experience, access, and own NFTs. With Nswap, you can access NFT collections for sale on our primary Launchpad and trade them freely on our secondary Marketplace.

Join the Nswap community on Twitter, Discord, and Medium! For business inquiries, contact official@nswap.com. Stay tuned to our Medium to check the hottest NFTs as it happens.




Nswap.com is a premium Multi-chain NFT marketplace for NFT, GameFi & Metaverse projects designed for Web3.0