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What Is the Diamond Pass?

Packed With Utility

Table of Contents

  • What Is the Diamond Pass?
  • Utility
  • How to get a Diamond Pass?
  • Why Diamond Pass?

What Is the Diamond Pass?

What Is the Diamond Pass?

The Diamond Pass is Nswap’s official NFT collective for collectors and artists. Membership in the collective grants you many benefits, from OG identities to confirmed whitelist access for future projects.


Nswap will launch a whitelist raffle system in the near future, and holders can enter raffles for exclusive events without going through several tasks like Twitter following or Discord entry.

In order to reward loyal holders, we will also buy popular NFTs in the secondary market and do giveaway activities. For our marketplace, holders will be guaranteed six months of free platform fees.

During Q3, with the launch of the Marketplace, holders of the Diamond Pass will automatically get the whitelist opportunity to free mint our next PFP collection. Our tokenization team is working on plans, and you can look forward to future token releases.

How to get a Diamond Pass?

‘Diamond Eyes, Diamond Pass.’ We will analyze wallet behavior. Users who hold top-tier community passes or have been identified as high-quality NFT participants will be able to get a whitelist. Of course, if you have not met the requirements, you can also have a chance to get a whitelist by entering our raffle system or participating in the Nswap x NFT.NYC Swag Bag activity. For more information, please join our official Discord.

Why Diamond Pass?

Nswap effectively links the primary and secondary markets of NFTs. Holders of the Diamond Pass will be automatically regarded as OG users of Nswap, and will exclusively enjoy a series of preferential activities on the Nswap platform in the future.

About Nswap: Nswap is building a decentralized, multi-chain information aggregation platform (Launchpad) and open market (Marketplace) for NFTs. We hope that everyone has the opportunity to experience, access, and own NFTs. With Nswap, you can access NFT collections for sale on our primary Launchpad and trade them freely on our secondary Marketplace.

Join the Nswap community on Twitter, Discord, and Medium! For business inquiries, contact official@nswap.com. Stay tuned to our Medium to check the hottest NFTs as it happens.



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