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10 Best Sales Tools to Boost Revenue and Efficiency in 2020

Owning a business is pretty cool but only when you make it profitable. Some people might disagree with this statement but if you own a business, then you would actually know that without a proper customer base the business makes no sense. So, it goes without saying that if you are devoid of clients driving your sales, you won’t have much of a company and even if you do have customers without capable sales tools helping you along the way it’s going to be difficult.

This need for recognition is why big companies spend billions of dollars on marketing campaigns to boost up their sales, improve lead generation, and get their product out for the masses to enjoy. The better the sales tools and CRM software you have on your side the more beneficial it will be for your organization.

But fast marketing techniques are very necessary nowadays because of the diversity of the marketplaces, and to show you how important proper sales techniques are, here are some of the statistics:

  • Only 2% of cold calls actually result in a follow-up appointment.
  • In lead generation, 44% of salespeople give up on a lead after a single follow-up.
  • According to research by Fronetics, as many as 50% of sales go to the sales rep who responds first.

Don’t worry, these stats are not meant to scare you. They were merely brought up to make you understand how important it is to create a sales strategy that will benefit you today and on which you can rely on the future of your company; for which sales tools are of utmost importance.

In this article, we will cover 18 of the most amazing sales tools for boosted results and helping you generate more dough.

Let’s take a look!

1. HubSpot

If you are looking for a sales platform to take care of all your sales processes, then HubSpot is the sales enablement tool for you.

HubSpot is considered one of the top sales-boosting tools in the market right now. Depending on how serious you are in generating more and more sales, HubSpot has three distinct solutions for you:

  • HubSpot Sales Free
  • HubSpot CRM
  • HubSpot Sales Professional

The free solution is a good starting point from where your company will go in the right direction to acquire more sales. The Sales Free version gives you access to the valuable tools that help you boost many different aspects of your sales strategy including live chat.

Many companies want to learn about their prospects before finalizing a sales strategy. Well, they are in luck, because this sales tool can help them with a feature called decision-maker.

You can also analyze user engagement towards your business and get a clear idea about the products and services people are being attracted to so that you can push them in the market further to generate more sales.

This sales tool is pretty in-depth because it has several amazing features designed for every member of the sales team and with the ability to try the tool out for free, we don’t see any reason why you shouldn’t give it a go.

2. LinkedIn Sales Solutions

If you want to spawn more sales in the global market, you really can’t go wrong while working with LinkedIn Sales Solutions. With 450 million users all over the world, you can create some serious hype about your products through this platform and generate more revenue.

With LinkedIn being the Facebook of the professional world, you are bound to make some pretty serious connections that will help you create more and more sales opportunities in digital marketing.

While you can find out what your prospects are, by spending time and needless money on it that takes a considerable amount of time, you can cut the hassle and go for LinkedIn Sales Solutions that will do all of the heavy lifting for you.

This app helps you to make decisions about which products you should push in the market and what services should you continue to provide, so that you can maintain your presence on social media and the digital marketing realm as the Victor.

LinkedIn has an amazing sales tool called Sales Navigator that makes prospecting sales easier. Other features of this tool are as follows:

  • The use of InMail to contact any LinkedIn member.
  • Receive custom lead recommendations.
  • Real-time sales updates for customers and prospects.
  • Access to an advanced search to find the right leads for your business.
  • A dashboard for measuring and tracking your social selling results.

There is a full trial available for the Sales Navigator tool and you should definitely try it if you have or haven’t used LinkedIn for sales before. Who knows, this might exactly be the sales tool to push you deeper into the hearts and minds of potential customers.

3. InsideSales.com

When it comes to managing your sales through proper management software, nothing comes close to InsideSales.com. At first glance, you might think that the website is not that detailed but in fact, there is a lot more to this amazing company than meets the eye.

There is a long list of product offerings that can facilitate your business and create more buzz about it. They are:

  • Email and Web Tracking
  • Lead and Accounting Scoring
  • Platform
  • Opportunity Scoring
  • Predictive Forecast
  • Sales Communications

While all of these products are amazing in their own way, the best out of them is the email and web tracking tool which will effectively help you track the traffic which a blog post is generating.

This tool is quite extraordinary as it lets you see, in real-time, email being opened and also email links being pursued. Simply put — close more deals!

You can use this data to your advantage by going through tons and tons of information from this tracker tool and get a clear idea about what your prospects should be i.e. a real differentiator for a sales tool and definitely will help you in your sales cycle.

4. ToutApp

With the help of this tool, you can effectively set sales goals for your team that will turn more and more sales prospects into actual customers.

One of the best features, out of many, in this tool is the ability to make a “pipeline playbook “. This helps you and your team to be on the same page (connected to a unique contact that is loaded with all the data) throughout the sales process.

This feature also provides different ways to improve your pipeline for the better. They are:

  • Emails and phone activities are better integrated so that the whole team can be in constant communication with each other seamlessly, which makes it easier to discuss strategies and schedule meetings.
  • Better sales campaigns which will allow all the sales rep to be more consistent towards their goal and keep everyone and everything on the same page with complete transparency.

This tool also offers to track all of your email, websites, and documents which helps you to get a clear idea about engagement with the clients on every social media platform and different other forms of communication.

It also has a “Share Campaign with Team” feature that allows you to share your work with your teammates which keeps everyone on the same page and there is no confusion among the group. The perfect feature for a sales tool!

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5. Yesware

There are a lot of business strategies that can help you generate more sales but what if you wanted to make smart selling strategies that didn’t require quite a lot of Hussle and still produced results? Yesware has got you covered.

Every mainstream sales tool can help you figure out what your prospects should be by combing through your organizational data, but what to do next? This is where Yesware will make your life a whole lot easier.

With detailed and actionable insights, you will never have to think about what you should do with all of the data you have collected. Instead, the data is so finely broken and shared with the appropriate team members, that everyone is kept in check and also whether they are making the right moves or not.

Yesware has a fascinating three-point approach to describe the analytical data it digs out:

  • Scale success. Once you have got the secret formula for success, you should share that with the rest of your team so you can all achieve success.
  • Focused on the action. Based on the data’s significance, you are given actionable advice.
  • Real-time results. Yesware is a much-needed solution because it gives you real-time data that increases your chances of success in today’s fast-moving market.

The only drawback to this amazing tool is that its quite complex and it takes time to learn and utilize its full potential. But once you get started, it’s very hard to stop.

6. Calendly

Do you have a proper scheduling system for all of your meetings with prospects? Calendly can help you there.

In the past, you could only schedule meetings with email or a phone call, but times have changed and by using Calendly you can properly schedule your meetings right into your calendar and many other engagements.

From sales meetings, interviews to demos, Calendly has everything you could ever ask for from a scheduling tool.

It has a lot of high-end competitors but the unique point which sets this tool apart it the ease of use for every sales rep that starts to use it.

In addition to a 14-day free trial, there is no cost associated with the basic package that is pretty detailed and can cover a lot of your basic scheduling needs. Try it. It’s one of the best sales tools around!

7. Zoom

Before the advent of digital marketing, you had to physically collaborate with prospects to witness the demos but it’s a different ball game now with Zoom.

This tool is an amazing solution for video and web conferencing hurdles and is considered one of the best digital marketing sales tools.

With its cult following of more than 300k customers, you know you will be in good hands to take care of all your remote communications.

Some other features that Zoom is proud of are:

  • Group collaboration.
  • Fullscreen and gallery view
  • Easy to share a meeting with one or more contact.
  • Mobile screen sharing for iPhone and iPad, making it easy to conduct meetings on the go.
  • Webinar capabilities.
  • HD video and voice
  • Ability to host a meeting with or without video, or with screen share only.
  • Dynamic voice detection

Sales tools have to feature ease of use and Zoom has this key feature. You can very easily invite someone to a meeting just like you do in person and the other person just has to enter the meeting ID or Meeting Room Name to get inside and you are good to go.

8. ClinchPad

Are you fed up with your current CRM or Sales tools and want to move to a more simplified solution like a spreadsheet? ClinchPad is there to pull you back from the dark ages.

With the sales community in mind, this tool was developed to facilitate sales reps and companies along to keep track of all your activities and processes in a central location that helps to generate amazing results.

ClinchPad is very useful for small teams but in no manner is it a slouch and should be overlooked.

Its Sales Dashboard is one of the amazing features this CRM comes with. With all of the data presented to you on this Dashboard, you will save lots of time which you would’ve wasted over spreadsheets.

You can create a free account but if you want to take it to the next level, you’ll have to pay an affordable $9/ month.

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9. Proposify

The amazing Proposify will help you create some immaculate sales proposals that will set you apart from companies who still make proposals on MS Word or other basic word editors.

By using Proposify, you can create amazing proposals that are beautifully refined and are kept in the cloud for quicker shareability, which saves a lot of time.

Some of the features this amazing tool offers are:

  • Use of electronic signatures.
  • Access to an online preview tool.
  • The ability to track everything, knowing exactly where things stand in the sales pipeline.
  • Drag and drop the library for ease of management.

With a generous free trial and an affordable $25/month starting price, it’s an amazing solution to boost your bottom line and one of the best sales tools around.

10. Crystal

Crystal is the app that tells you anyone’s personality to help you nail your sales prospecting and calls. With just the click of a button, you can learn how someone generally thinks, acts, and, most importantly, prefers to communicate. Crystal helps you communicate more effectively, write more persuasively, and build trust faster with your prospects.

In today’s world, you can’t communicate with each prospect the same. Crystal can help you learn to adapt to each person’s unique style. Use Crystal’s Chrome Extension to predict personality through CRMs, like Salesforce, or LinkedIn.

However, Crystal has taken full advantage of the new technology, and offers more features, like:

  • Relationship Reports that allow you to compare two personalities.
  • Personality Profiles offer insights into yourself and others.
  • Conversation Coach that gives you advice for communicating with others in different scenarios.
  • Mobile app that lets you take Crystal on the go.

Crystal’s premium subscription is just $29/month. It is a good solution to help you close more in sales.

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