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The 8 Best Slack Integrations and Add-ons of 2021

Story taken from the nTask Blog — The 8 Best Slack Integrations and Add-ons of 2021

Whenever the term team communication comes in question, one of the very first tools to pop in our minds is Slack. Released in August 2013, Slack has been able to gather a user base of 8 million people, out of which 3 million are the paid ones.

And why wouldn’t it? Coming with an advanced functionality revolving around improved team communication, Slack is best at what it does.

A go-to application for team collaboration, Slack also reduces the need to constantly juggle between multiple applications to get things done. It does so by providing the functionality of integrations. Coming with hundreds of integrations, there’s not a single function that you can’t perform with the tool.

You can find the best Slack integrations through the application’s built-in directory, but of course, who’s got the time to go through an entire directory just to get to that one perfect app. Therefore, we’ve done this for you! Today, we bring you the list of best Slack integrations catering to your distinct team needs.

Read on to find details about them and the purpose they serve.

1. nTask — Best Slack Project Management integration

Placing all our bets on this tool, our vote for the best Slack integration for projects and tasks management goes to nTask. An intuitive tool that lets you manage your projects smartly through its intelligently designed feature set.

nTask facilitates project management from multiple dimensions, such as managing issues and risks, executing professional meetings, and creating multiple workspaces for different teams.

Through some easy steps, you can conveniently integrate nTask with your Slack app and get a top-notch Slack project management experience.

Here’s how you can achieve successful Slack project management through the Slack add-on:

  • Add a new project or change information for existing ones in nTask, and it’ll automatically get updated in the linked Slack channels, mitigating the need to manually check updates again and again
  • You can link and unlink the tasks with the Slack channel individually too
  • Create a meeting in nTask and your team members can review all the details through Slack messages
  • Post projects updates to channels in Slack
  • Give feedback without switching applications

Get this Slack add-on to make team collaboration even more effective, whilst achieving streamlined project management. Check nTask Slack Integration:

2. Time Doctor — Time Tracking in Slack

Every team needs a time tracking application for improving the overall team productivity. Enter Time Doctor! A real-time tracking tool that measures the time you spend on each task and takes the screenshots of your employees’ screens to better monitor their overall time spending patterns.

By integrating Time Doctor with Slack, you enable time tracking in Slack and achieve the following results:

  • Receive notifications whenever a resource starts working on a task
  • Track time an employee spends on a task and receive reports in Slack channels
  • Receive updates when tasks are completed
  • Assign specific recipients for notifications
  • Track the websites and applications being accessed by an individual during the task

Through this Slack integration, you can get an effective web-based time tracking solution right in your Slack channels.

3. Wonder — Reminders in Slack

If you or your team tends to forget things easily and are always getting mini anxiety attacks because of it, Wonder is your savior!

A reminder tool that takes the form of a live chat, where you tell the app to remember a certain thing and afterward, you or your team members can retrieve the information anytime you want. Just tell the app and forget (ironic, isn’t it?). But, that’s exactly how the tool works. It remembers stuff for you.

Coming with an interface resembling messenger, Wonder helps in retaining easily forgettable, yet essential information.

Here’s what Wonder does for you once you integrate it with Slack:

  • Bring up the information that you told it to remember in between Slack conversations
  • Save important team information through memories
  • Memories dashboard to store, update and categorize information
  • Personalized memories that are only visible to you

There you go! Forgetting things should no longer be a problem for your team now.

4. Dropbox — Slack File Sharing and Cloud Storage

Undoubtedly, Dropbox takes the cake for being one of the most popular options when it comes to file management. Allowing users to keep all their files in one centralized location, Dropbox ensures safe data storage and retrieval.

By utilizing the option to sync your Dropbox with any device, you can access files anytime and from anywhere. Furthermore, the advanced security measures allow for only authorized access to the files.

The Slack add-on for Dropbox helps with:

  • Easy importing of Dropbox files into Slack
  • Searching for specific imported files and sharing with relevant team members
  • Updates made in Dropbox files getting automatically updated in the imported files

So, take a step towards better file management for your team records with this integration.

5. Tettra — Knowledge Management in Slack

When teams grow, so does their knowledge base. In such a case, it becomes a need to introduce a common knowledge hub, so that the important team data doesn’t get lost in a sea of information.

This is where Tettra comes to your rescue!

Also known as Tettra Wiki, the tool provides a central hub for teams to store and share collective knowledge. This helps the teams to access the right information at the right time.

The easy accessibility of the tool provides an efficient and ideal means for storing the team information at one place, minimizing the hassle that comes with multiple storing locations.

Let’s see what you get when you integrate Tettra with Slack:

  • Changes made in Tettra easily viewed in Slack channels by all team members
  • Privately search for answers in Slack channels, and share them if required
  • Search and find Tettra pages from within Slack
  • Suggest and share new Tettra pages to your team members
  • View and analyze content analytics
  • Automated content suggestions

This smart knowledge management tool benefits the entire team to easily contribute to the central knowledge repository and gain the information whenever needed.

6. Statsbot — Data Analytics in Slack

If you use Google analytics or any other data analytics tool, you need Statsbot right now!

Statsbot integrates with data analytics tools and provides easy means for tracking and monitoring data metrics. You can also easily connect Statsbot with your database and it will automatically generate data relationships for you to gain valuable insights.

The tool also allows saving previous data exports by maintaining dashboards.

Integrate Statsbot with Slack to:

  • Easily receive and share data metrics with your team members
  • Get notifications for important updates in the database
  • Reminders for off-track activities
  • Schedule reports for monitoring metrics on regular intervals

The tool made it to our list of best Slack integrations for data analytics primarily because of the intelligent ways it captures data from various analytical sources and presents it in the most user-friendly manner in front of you.

7. Donut — Team Building in Slack

As much as it sounds clichéd, investing in some team building activities do result in bringing some positive vibes to the overall organizational culture. You can either practice some of these activities, or simply, use a professional tool to achieve the results for you.

This is where Donut comes into play!

It’s a social communication platform designed for building better team relationships. It does so by developing connections between the team members and reminds them to meet for collaborating on ideas (or to share donuts 😉).

The fun things you can do by integrating Donut with Slack are:

  • Connect with team members you don’t know via direct messages
  • Get reminders for meetings with your connected team members
  • Create Slack pairing channels for multiple teams
  • Customized intro messages
  • Easy new employee onboarding by connecting them to other team members

8. Simple Poll- Polling app for Smart People

Simple Poll is a polling app that lets you create native polls right within Slack.

This software gives you the ability to create polls within Slack so you can get the opinion of your team members easily and instantly, without having to wait for your next meeting.

Once you install the app you can:

  • Create polls about anything
  • Helps make informed decisions with your team’s opinions in mind
  • Create both anonymous or public polls
  • Limit number of votes each member can cast
  • Schedule recurring polls so you can get continuous feedback

See? Team building doesn’t always have to be a tedious task. By using the right tool, you can get to know your team members better.

This marks the end of our roundup of best Slack integrations. Is there any Slack integrations and add-ons that you would like to be added to this list? Comment below and let us know about your thoughts.

Originally published at www.ntaskmanager.com on December 17, 2018.




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