Meet the Spring 2021 Demo Day HSC Finalists!

78 student founders. 28 ventures. $6,000 in cash prizes.

Now, 13 finalists will present on Demo Day.

Demo Day is Northeastern’s celebration of entrepreneurship where the public can catch a glimpse of the hard work that these student entrepreneurs have accomplished this semester. As our second-ever completely virtual semester operating the Husky Startup Challenge, led by Co-Directors Kasey Zhang and Kevin Jin and Associate Director Joanna Jacob, this semester’s offerings have taken the program to new heights, with stronger mentorship, additional resources and programmings, and one of our largest cohorts.

We’re super proud of each and every one of the ventures in the Spring 2021 cohort. We love how engaged they have been this semester and how they really illustrated everything positive about Northeastern’s student entrepreneurship community. — Kevin and Kasey

Throughout the semester, these ventures have learned and grown in their entrepreneurial mindsets and have taken the knowledge from bootcamps and applied them to kickstart their ventures.

Now it’s time to meet each of the finalists!

Arctic Vision

Founder: Nicholas Mullikin, Claire Benson, Yale Zhao
Market: Virtual/Augmented Reality

Arctic Vision is augmented reality-enabled snow goggles that are designed for safer winter sports for enthusiasts of any level of expertise.


Founders: Bennett Thompson, Sergio Escobar, Valencia Pranata, Vedanshi Shah
Market: Fintech

DigiPay is an online payment system process flow that links existing finance platforms to provide financial access to unbanked people.


Founder: Jonah Saunders
Market: Virtual/Augmented Reality

HapticPack is the forefront of Virtual Reality haptic vests, which are vests made for VR that enable users to feel physical touch from digital worlds. HapticPack will rethink haptic vests to provide cheaper, more functional software and hardware for more realistic experiences.


Founder: Carson Ortolani
Market: Education

Huddle is an application that gives users access to industry experts to seek specific advice.

Kaolin Beauty

Founder: Michelle Beaudette
Market: Fashion and Beauty

Kaolin Beauty is heart-centered makeup and self-care that focuses on ethical, non-toxic and sustainably packages makeup products.

Metrix by Aswan

Founder: Sebastian Houseknecht
Market: Health and Wellbeing

Metrix by Aswan is a digital watch that provides biometrics for diabetes patients as an alternative for blood testing.


Founder: Luis Marcelo de la Garza Sánchez
Market: Food & Dining

Munch is an application that makes it simple to split the bill among you and your friends.


Founders: Jane-Ellen Burnham, Carlo D’Ugo
Market: Social Networking

PicStop is an application that allows users to find and share photogenic locations locally.


Founders: Christopher Cohen, Raj Patel, Brendan Brady, Joe Chou, Joe Nisbet, Matt Crowley, Juan Martos
Market: Housing

Rentmate is an application aimed to help college and post-graduate students find off-campus housing, meet roommates, and manage properties. Rentmate combines everything into one easy-to-use platform.


Founder: Tejas Karwa
Market: Digital Marketplace

Seasonal is a peer-to-peer platform that allows users to rent items to other users in their area. Seasonal helps people who aren’t willing to pay full-price for retail items temporarily try expensive and underused items.


Founder: Jacob Trock
Market: Digital Marketplace

ServiceEngine (SEngine) is a next-generation distribution platform for micro-applications. The marketplace serves to provide a standardized user interface maker that allows people to create and collaborate on online tools.

Spring Education

Founder: Maaya Shah, Deeraj Mirpuri
Market: Education

Spring Education is an online community platform to discover passions by letting users keep track of communities of interest and collaborate and connect with others.

Tech for the People

Founder: Valerie Robert
Market: Technology and Education

Tech for the People is an interdisciplinary tech editorial platform and online community for helping people learn about how their passions intersect with technology.

Want to meet the founders? Itching to learn more? Be sure to be there at Demo Day on April 14th, 2021, from 6–8:30pm EST!



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