Digital nomadism: A growing movement

-By Bryan Shelmon-

What is a “digital nomad”? Simply someone who is able to work from anywhere in the world thanks to technology! With the progress of technology and the Internet, the digital nomad lifestyle is a growing trend.

Many occupations fit the digital nomad lifestyle

You can find digital nomads in any industry. This includes freelance work with anything from writing, graphic design, video editing, etc. You can also find digital nomads in the fields of business consulting, ecommerce, and many more. With any type of job or business that is location independent, you have the opportunity to travel as much as you’d like.

Technology plays a major role in being a digital nomad. As technology and its capabilities continue to grow, many job roles are being outsourced. This allows the freedom to get out of the office and get out into the world.

This allows the freedom to get out of the office and get out into the world.

Combining your passions into a business

I am an avid traveler and that is what initially inspired me to become a digital nomad. Through my travels and constant study of culture and destinations, I began to “travel write”. The clients gained from this role have allowed me the opportunity to contribute content from online travel articles to travel eBook guides. Travel writing has been very suitable for me because of the cross between work and life. The more I travel, the better my experiences are that I am able to share through my writing. At the same time, I often get to write about new destinations that I have yet to travel to. Gaining so much knowledge about a particular place through research makes me want to travel even more.

Access to technology is critical to build relationships

Being a digital nomad allows you freedom from having to be in an office, but there are certain factors that you must still be able to maintain in order to be successful. Those are communication and Internet accessibility. With such a diversity of projects and clients, it’s important to understand exactly what is expected from your work. In an office setting it’s easy to have a face-to-face conversation about the tasks but as a digital nomad, this is only possible through technology. This can include anything from phone calls, email, and even video conferencing. Keep in mind that you could potentially be working with clients from around the world so it’s important to make note of time differences and even technological capabilities wherever you are.

The second factor is Internet accessibility and this only increases as time passes. The Internet is the foundation of earning a living as a digital nomad. Luckily, most places now have Wi-Fi capabilities, which is necessary for not only communication, but also prospecting new clients and submitting your final work while you are away.

Thanks to technology, being a digital nomad today is not only possible, but also a growing trend.

— — — 
Bryan Shelmon is a digital nomad and a global personality promoting the appreciation of culture around the world. Thanks to frequent traveling and growth of his company Anthem Culture, he has been involved in projects across multiple industries including writing, film, music, and fashion.

This article was originally published on Nuadox as “Digital nomads — A growing global trend”.

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