VR at Desjardins Lab — Event retrospective

On March 23rd, I attended the latest RDV Techno event at Desjardins Lab in Montreal. It was entitled: “La réalité au-delà du virtuel” (reality beyond virtual) which as the name suggests focused on virtual reality technologies. Here is my recap.

The atmosphere was electrifying, many tech enthusiasts and professionals came to see the following companies demo their product offerings:

  • Black Artick: a startup dedicated to the creation of training solutions and decision-making tools integrating augmented reality and smart data.
  • National Research Council Canada (NRC): government entity that specializes in research and development in the field of interactive simulation and digital health.
  • Desjardins: Desjardins Lab showed how it utilized VR technologies at the Montreal Airport as well as internal initiatives such as the 360d financial spaces and talent acquisition.
  • Genius Marketing: a Google and YouTube certified agency with more than 10 years of experience in the field. GeniusVR, founded in 2015, is a team of virtual reality content creators and Google Daydream Developers.
  • Lucky Hammers: a gaming company / studio specializing in the design of interactive products meant to entertain and engage people.
  • Osmos Academy: Osmos Academy is a Montreal-based nonprofit initiative with a mission to bring emerging technologies to the wider community, creating projects of positive impact.
  • Reacts: through its “hyperpresence” platform, Reacts offers a vast collaborative virtual experience that promotes unified communications and interactions among health professionals.

I would like to personally thank Rich Destiné from Genius Marketing for walking me through some of the initiatives his team is working on.

Overall it was a great event that exemplifies the talent and vitality of the Montreal VR/AR scene.

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