Hello World with Nucleoid

Can Mingir
Jun 18 · 2 min read
Hello World with Nucleoid
Hello World with Nucleoid

Nucleoid is a runtime environment that is designed for declarative programming so that it executes statements based on formal logic in syntax of ES6 (JavaScript). This enables the runtime to provide logical integrity and store statements so that it doesn’t require external database.

The runtime accepts statements any time without requiring compile or restart.

Here is the simplest form:

> a = 1
> b = a + 2
> a = 2
> b

Unlike in imperative language, when b = a + 2 is defined, Nucleoid creates data graph with connections among statements, so when a is changed, b is updated by the runtime.

This concept can be applied to objects as well:

> class User {}
> user1 = new User()
> user1.email = user1.username + "@domain.com"
> user1.username = "first-user"
> user1.email

this is class level declaration of sample example, so this statement applies to all users:

> User.email = User.username + "@domain.com"
> user1.email

Nucleoid runtime accepts all statements of ES6 and builds graph accordingly:

> m = false
> n = false
> if( m == true ) {
n = m && true

> n
> m = true
> n
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Nucleoid runtime creates state of variable or object in memory, builds data graph and stores statement cumulatively on the disk, so that it doesn’t require external database, but it supports all database functions at the same time.


sudo apt-add-repository ppa:nucleoid/nucleoid
sudo apt install nucleoid


docker run -d -p 80:80 nucleoid/nucleoid

See for more details at nucleoid.org/get-started

Once installed, open the terminal on browser:

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See the project at gitlab.com/nucleoid/nucleoid


Declarative Runtime System

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