College: The First Round the Clock Job

Ahhh, college. Some remember it like it was yesterday, some never went, and others are there right now. We all know why we were supposed to go to college, to get a job of course. However, most people don’t realize that college itself is a job.

Obviously, this depends on how you really spend your time while at school. But, for the people that bust their asses everyday with work, class, organizations, working out, and whatever else. These students don’t get the traditional ‘college’ life. Sometimes, I personally leave my house at 9am and won’t get back until 9:30 pm. That’s a little more than a normal 9–5 job out of school.

That 3:35 class will get you every time

Don’t get me wrong, there is downtime. But, how much can someone really do with an hour break between classes? What the student really wants to do is take a nap. But instead, they get ahead in homework, write a blog, read a chapter of their book, or eat lunch.

As a Junior at a university, I’ve started to realize why people want to get out of school. When you’re here, you can’t escape it. You can’t run away from your work, because it follows you everywhere. If you have your laptop on you, then you can always be working on an assignment, looking at your resume, or applying for internships/jobs. You’re always on the clock. Even on Thanksgiving Break, you have homework that needs to be done, projects that need to be finished, and papers that need to be written.

But a full time job, you can run away from. You work a nice 9–5 Monday through Friday, then it’s your time. You can focus on family, sports, or anything that interests you. Obviously, this can change depending on when your busy season is for that company.

Employers should realize that if a student has graduated with a degree, extracurricular organizations under their belt, and work experience, then that student is more than qualified for them. Experience is what every employer looks for. When a well rounded student shows up on their doorstep, they should be scooping them up before someone else does. Sure, their GPA could’ve been higher, but instead of studying, they were working for 5 hours after class. They dedicate a fixed amount of time on working and gaining experience instead of wasting their time doing something unproductive.