Are you a Giver?

Have you ever hesitated to give something to someone because you cannot help thinking about enough return or the bad result for you when you give your knowledge or stuff to other people?

This was me, and I was sunk in self-hatred. Although there are a lot of people like me who hesitate to give to someone, there is a lot of merits that you have not known yet about giving. In my case, I found it good to give one day, and I came to be willing to give. That is why I want to show the merits of giving and give you the opportunity to rethink the action of giving today.

What you can expect to the giving which now you don’t expect

Today, I will show two merits.

・In the end, giving can lead to better outcomes.

・The Giver has the higher possibility of success than the Taker.

In the end, giving can lead to better outcomes.

I used to be a person who was not willing to give ideas or opportunities that I had to other people because I judged people on whether you are better than me or not. Moreover, I did not have a confidence in me, so I unconsciously thought the people who got something from me will become better than me if I give. Nonetheless, I just realized that I was wrong. No one can judge whether you are better because there is no person exactly the same as you, and you could not set the right criteria for judging people. People have different specialties, so it is likely that people can do something better than me, and at the same time, I have something better too.

Living as a student in Japan, I always strived for a better score because I judged myself by comparing with others unintentionally. However, that is not everything in life. It is not true that you lose when people profit from the things you give. In fact, you can get much more things when you give compared to when you do not give since you can get returns that you do not expect by giving your idea or stuff. It has a positive effect on the people around you, and the people can come up with and share new ideas that you won’t be able to imagine.

For example, I am studying about gender in my university by reading the articles and books. When I share my friends this knowledge, they always enjoy it, and they give me nice feedback that I cannot come up with which makes me understand it more. In this way, you can improve yourself easily by communicating with people rather than doing something alone. It gives you a high possibility to find a good idea. Don’t you think there is no better way to live than the life with giving?

The Giver has the higher possibility of success than the Taker.

According to the research of Adam Grant, an organizational psychologist, the possibility of success of givers is the lowest in that of any other people in organizations. This is because that they give so much that they cannot focus on their work. From the statement, you might think the taker becomes can take advantage to become the top of the pyramid. However, the people that the top is not the taker, interestingly they are also the giver. That is to say, the taker does not become not only at the bottom but also at the top. The reason why the giver can be at the top of organizations is that they can get the credit and human network at the same time by giving without expecting anything in return. Almost all the people live within the human network, so the network has an important role.

However, you would be anxious about the possibility of being the bottom. Fortunately, there is a way to avoid being the bottom by using small tips even if you give generously. The way is that you give with considering how you can contribute to someone by using your favorite field, as a matter of fact, you should not give without serious consideration. In other words, if you give as long as it is not a burden on you, you do not get stressed and not be exploited by the taker, so you can continue it.

Don’t you think it is difficult to decide how much you should give? It seems it is a good thing to give, so you may feel that it is better to give as much as possible. However, if you do that, you will get tired of giving, and you cannot keep the feeling that you want to give. That is why you should not overwork yourself. You should give when you have a room in your mind and give concerning the things you are good at and like to do. In that situation, there are only good things on the way to give, being thanked and getting credit and network. So, by giving things that you feel happy and comfortable about will not get you stressed, and will be able to enjoy it, which means there are more pros compared to cons.

Are you a giver?

As Uber and Airbnb became famous, we became more used to taking things that people give you. If you are given, you can save not only your money, time and effort but also reduce the amount of trash on Earth, but think about giving instead of being given. Is it easy for you to give something to someone? Isn’t it tough for you? You may doubt that you could not get enough return for the things you gave and be anxious about your loss. In that situation, you would avoid the risks of giving. However, you can find that the act of giving is really helpful in your life by reading this article. After the people who are around you get the knowledge or stuff from you, It will surely return to you. Moreover, the giver has a higher opportunity to become a success than the Taker.

As shown above, there are much more merits than you expected. Don’t you think that giving is profitable? If you agree with this idea, let’s start the life of giving today.

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