Nulogy Does Halloween

(and we just want to show it off!)

The Professional Services Team, as Cruella Deville and 101 Dalmatians (+ Toby)!

It’s our favorite holiday of the year, “Boology”. Here’s how we celebrate it:

Juan, our faithful Halloween Costume Contest Judge
Finance and Admin as the classic Nulogy “Office Snacks
The Yazans”( original Yazan 3rd from the right in the top row)
The “Operations” Team with Enam who needs a lot of “patience” for them.
Global Support as “Jurrasic Park!”
Customer Success as a very creative “Net Promoter Score”
PM2 as a real life “barcode”! (That scans and says Nulogy Forever, PM2 for the win!)
The “GO Team”: Gopher, Goku, Go the game, GoPro, Pass Go, and Pokemon Go! WOW.
Half the Marketing team with a “Logo Reveal”
Navila as “Rocket Racoon” with Groot :)
…and finally, Vinh with LAST MINUTE!
and of course… our winning team! 101 Dalmatians 🐶

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