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CryptoBank to Use NULS Blockchain for Crypto-to-Cash Solutions for Africa and Beyond

We at NULS/Nerve are pleased to announce a collaboration with CryptoBank of Accra, Ghana. CryptoBank aims to modernize the finance and payments industry in Africa. Its goal is to become the leading cryptocurrency payment solution provider in Africa and beyond.

Conventional payment systems can be slow and insecure. Digital currencies and crypto payments provide fast, low fee, and secure financial mechanisms and payment solutions. Yet cryptocurrency payment providers and platforms must prove they can provide security and speed, while remaining cost effective and scalable.

CryptoBank wants to solve the problems of traditional payments by offering instant transactions and immediate crypto-to-cash settlements for merchants. It also has a gift card to crypto payment option to help users exchange gift cards for digital currency.

“One of the biggest problems we are facing today in the world of cryptocurrency is how to make payments with our digital assets when it comes to business and payment of goods and services both online and offline.

“Looking at the future of digital currency today, the advantages of crypto payments, such as ultra-low fees, speed, clear and developed advances in transactional security and more have yet to be implemented in the market. We are building a technology to solve these problems and to serve as an escrow between the merchant and the buyer to help reduce fraud.”

CryptoBank is building a payment API for marketplace integration, allowing merchants to accept digital currencies with the same safety and convenience as fiat currency. They add to that low transaction fees, higher consumer protection, and dispute resolution technology.

Working with NULS/Nerve, CryptoBank will build its native token, CBToken, on the NULS blockchain. It will take advantage of working with the expert team and advisors at NULS/Nerve, developing both its blockchain technology and its marketing strategy in order to reach the goal of becoming a world-leading crypto-to-cash online payment platform.

CryptoBank will achieve some of these goals by taking part in the NULS SCO/POCM program.

CEO Chinaza is confident about CryptoBank’s collaboration with NULS/Nerve adding: “Working with NULS has been a great idea right from the first day we met. As a growing project, we need good advisers and marketing strategy to achieve our goals…thinking about this, NULS has provided us with this and we have no option but to say thank you and well done. We are looking forward to becoming the chief cornerstone in terms of crypto-to-cash payments in the crypto world with NULS.”



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