GG Dapp Joins the NULS/Nerve SCO/POCM Lineup

Mar 22, 2021 · 3 min read

We at NULS/Nerve are proud to have GG Dapp join our SCO/POCM platform.

A crypto gaming startup based in Portugal, GG Dapp is developing a crypto gaming and DeFi ecosystem with NFTs at its core, focused on rewarding developers, players, and liquidity providers.

GG Dapp believes in the play-to-earn gaming model where players are rewarded for their time and skills. In GG Dapp games, players will be to earn cryptocurrency and NFTs, and be rewarded for their efforts.

The Problem

Until recently, the free-to-play model dominated gaming. Free-to-play games can morph into pay-to-win, focusing on a small group of players who buy things. This creates a sense of imbalance between players for whom free-to-play games may be more accessible but less fair or enjoyable over time.

Another problem is in-game ads. And finally, gamers spend money on acquiring digital assets which can vanish when game developers remove these assets from the game.

The Possibilities

The possibilities offered by blockchain gaming come bearing the promise of solving these problems.

  • Blockchain games can transfer digital asset ownership to the players.
  • Smart contracts allow assets to be transferred between players.
  • Blockchain data immutability means that with smart contracts, developers and game companies can’t alter or remove the ownership of gamer’s assets.
  • Tokenization of gaming assets and use of NFTs means gamers earn rewards and hold in-game assets as NFTs with real-world value.
  • Players can stake the project’s token and receive rewards from the entire platform’s sale of NFTs and other transaction fees.

Big Picture

GG Dapp is building a DeFi ecosystem, a crypto gaming platform, and its own games. Two games are being developed and one has already an early beta available. The platform will also be open to external game developers.

Currently, the platform is desktop-only, but they plan to have a mobile application in the future. Languages in use include Javascript and Solidity.

Founder and blockchain engineer Miguel Gomes is thrilled about the collaboration, saying: “We believe that the coming years will be great for gaming and NFTs, and we’re very excited about what we’re building. NULS adds another dimension to our crypto gaming ecosystem with its versatility to work across 5 different blockchains in Nerve.”

GG Dapp projects will focus on easy onboarding for non-crypto users.

The best way to get involved with NULS is to join in!

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