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NULS Bi-Monthly Report

March 1–15, 2021


  • Technical Progress
  • NULS SCO Platform
  • NULS/NVT Trading
  • Other News
  • Community Governance

Technical Progress

  • NULS completed internal testing of the Nabox Chrome plugin wallet.
  • The Nabox Chrome plugin wallet is officially beta and available for public testing.
  • NerveNetwork released v1.10.0 of the Nerve Wallet node program, which includes improved node stability, and cancellation of the transaction fee.
  • Completed the NULS mainnet wallet upgrade v2.9.0. Version 2.9.0 was announced on March 18. The upgrade includes: improved the execution efficiency of the intelligent virtual machine (NVM); fixed a contract bug that under certain conditions caused a node yellow card.

NULS SCO Platform

  • March 22, 2021: ViBook has completed the token swap of their old version of VIBK for the newer version that supports cross-chain.

  • March 3: NULS SCO Eco BonFi token BNF is available on NerveDex. Users can swap, via NerveDex, NULS NRC20 asset BNF for the ERC20 asset BNF on a 1:1 basis.

  • March 9: NULS and GG Dapp have discussed future collaboration opportunities. On March 24, 2021, GG Dapp launched its project on the NULS SCO platform. GG Dapp is a crypto gaming startup based in Portugal.
  • March 9: the ZERO project launched its Neumékca City project on the NULS SCO platform. Neumékca City is a project to expand the DeFi ecosystem on the Heco chain.
  • March 10: CryptoBank launched its project on the NULS SCO platform. CryptoBank aims to provide leading cryptocurrency payment solutions for Africa and other regions, including instant transactions and real-time encrypted cash settlement, modernize finance and payment, and solve the problems of traditional payment methods.

  • March 11, 2021: FarSwap has launched its project on the NULS SCO platform. FarSwap aims to encourage a network of users to run a platform where users can lend, borrow, buy and sell their Crypto assets and earn huge rewards.

NULS Trading

  • March 1: NULS announced a strategic cooperation with SuperNova, an algorithmic stable currency project based on the Huobi’s chain Heco.
  • March 3: Binance Bridge officially supported NULS & BSC cross-chain asset exchange. Users can transfer NULS cross-chain to BSC network to participate in various ecological applications.
  • March 3: Deep Chain Finance, a well-known media in the industry, released the article “Exchange Public Chain, May Be the Best Layer2 Solution for Ethernet Square?.” The article proposes: The development and maturity of Layer 2 projects such as Matic, LRC, and Nerve will continue to make Ethereum ecology glow with new vitality.

  • March 5: NULS released the latest pledge mining income statement.
  • March 6, 2021: SuperNova, a stable currency project of Huobi Eco-Chain Heco, has established a strategic agreement with the NULS cross-chain asset. NULS can now be staked, without risk, in the mining pool sHT.
  • March 9: NULS and SuperNova have agreed in the establishment of a community, ecological closed-loop and application landing. The sNULS planet will be officially opened after the NULS/sCASH liquidity reaches 500,000 US dollars.
  • March 9: To increase participation in Heco and BSC ecological applications, NULS community collated and released “How NULS/NVT and Ecological Token Cross-link to Heco/BSC Network Participation Application Course.”

  • March 11, 2021: PancakeSwap launched NULS-BUSD Liquidity Digging Cake and supported Pledge Cake Digging NULS.
  • March 11: the NULS community released “How to Participate in NULS-BUSD Cake LP Liquidity Mining Tutorial in PancakeSwap?”
  • March 11: the well-known Twitter Big V CryptoDiffer reported on PancakeSwap’s launch of NULS-BUSD Liquidity Mining CAKE.

  • March 11: the NULS community released “How to Participate in NULS-BUSD Cake LP Liquidity Mining Tutorial in PancakeSwap?.”​

  • March 12, 2021: NULS released a detailed table of current revenue from mining on the mainnet, Nerve mainnet, POCM platform, and BSC ecology. The highlights are PancakeSwap NULS-BUSD LP cake real-time APY is 346%, and pledged assets exceed $4.4US million.​
  • March 12: NULS is listed on ICONOMI, a well-known European cryptocurrency platform.
  • March13: announced the launching of a new NULS LP vault on PancakeSwap, with NULS-BUSD LP at 2590% APY and 0.91 daily.

  • March 13: BT. Finance announced the use of NerveNetwork cross-link bridge to BSC to create and deploy PancakeSwap mobile mining.​

  • March 14, NerveNetwork compiled and released the “Summary of ETH/BSC/Heco Contract Addresses of Cross-Chain Assets in Nerve Network.”

NULS Other News​​​

  • March 2, 2021: NULS Western Team hosted their first monthly live event on the NULS Blockchain YouTube channel. This event is titled Berzeck’s Livestream. NULS West Regional Director Berzeck provided an update of NULS and Nerve activities for 2021. Kathy interviewed Luis Santos, CEO of Earhart Solutions. Earhart is a NULS SCO project. Questions were asked and answered at the end of our live event. Thanks to the awesome NULS West Team for a great event.
  • ​On March 2: NULS and Earhart Solutions announced a deeper relationship focused on accelerating Earhart’s product development. NULS will be responsible for Earhart’s Blockchain Back-End Development and maintenance.

  • On March 12, 2021: the well-known Youtube blogger CryptoR-Us positively reported NULS status and activity. His comments included “NULS has everything that these big chains have”, including inter-operability, multi-chain, bridges, NULS ChainFactory, ChainBox, SCO platform.

NULS Community Governance

  • NULS UAE Sanny1256 released his February Work Report.

  • Turkish Ambassador Koinmilyoner released the February Work Report.

  • Spanish Ambassador Noel released his January-February work report.–2021/4884

  • Bangladesh NULStar Nafis Khan released his February Work Report.

  • Councillor Reaper released “Distribution of NULS Community Funds at the End of February 2021.”

  • Community Director Aurora initiated a community content contribution proposal. The proposal is a continuation and is under discussion.

  • Spanish Ambassador Noel launched a proposal for the second quarter ambassador election. The proposal is under discussion.–2021/4884

  • Community member yglsjj initiated the proposal of ERC20 Token mapping NULS mainnet Token and the proposal is being followed up.

  • A total of 13 proposals are being voted on by the community governance platform. Community members are welcome to participate in the NULS voting process.

The best way to get involved with NULS is to join in!

For more information about NULS, visit and join the conversation on Telegram or Reddit. Make sure to follow NULS on Twitter for the latest news and updates. You can also follow us on other socials such as Facebook, Steemit and GitHub.

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