[Infographic] Who are the startups who applied to NUMA Paris’ 8th acceleration program?

Romain Amblard, Head of Acceleration at NUMA Paris, launching season 8

After 3 months of selection process, and 648 applications received among which 23% were international, NUMA launches its 8th Acceleration Season and announces its new batch of 17 startups.

> Discover the 17 selected startups <

What are the profiles of the applicants and the finalists?

This infographic illustrates the new batch and the profile of all the applicants.

Key information:

  • Technical skills: 13% of the applying projects had no technical profile among their cofounders whereas only 6% of the selected candidates were in this position. Indeed, as teams must quickly implement their decisions to make the most of the program, a team that brings together all the necessary skills is a key to success.
  • Alumni network and references: 59% of our new startups already knew one of NUMA Alumni. Indeed, at this point of the competition, good references and a strong commitment are a good way to get jury’s attention.
  • Startups’ maturity: a clear majority of the projects from the new batch has more than 6 months of activity (74%). Indeed, our choice was focused on projects with greater maturity: a team already set up, a “minimum valuable product” and a “fit-to-market”.

We would like to thank all the projects who applied and hope our feedbacks and the overall process has been helpful to them.
Now, it’s time to accelerate.