Weapons of Mass Division

My middle-aged consociates, let us bathe in the blood of our enemies! How we oppress! How we divide! Let us celebrate our massive victory — How well we subdue our young and old!

Gaze at how our systems wreak havoc on their dreams and kill their spirit. Observe how our Institutions have worked beyond our wildest expectations! How can any face our Weapons of Mass Division and not buckle? Oh, how we wreak!

Reports from the trenches are that our youth confinement centres are keeping the younglings in check. Those who attempt to rise beyond their station will be dealt with harshly. The twin tyrannies of social engagement and independent thought shall not be tolerated!

Our Human Obsolescence Maximisation Encapsulators (HOMEs) are seeing a distinct rise in numbers. Plans are to further increase social detachment of dumped humans to counteract health benefits of life-enhancing technologies.

Let us celebrate this wonderful separation of young and old from our pure existence. We are winning the war and are more liberated than ever to enjoy the Establishment™ to our own, safe from their mischief. We are free!

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