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New Updates of CAPTCH-A NFT

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We’re so excited to announce the new updates of our governance NFT, CAPTCH-A to $NUM stakers!

How to Earn a CAPTCH-A

The CAPTCH-A NFT can be acquired in 4 ways.

  1. Through the pre-listing campaign that took place in early November 2020 (Note: Pebble (Gray CAPTCH-A) burned as a part of this event no longer exists in the Numbers network and will have to be reacquired in other ways).
  2. Through staking or burning.
    - Pebble: Stake 2,000 $NUM for 14 days or burn 2,000 $NUM to acquire Pebble.
    - Snow: Staking 2,000 $NUM for 30 days or burn 2,000 $NUM to get Snow immediately. Continuous staking is required otherwise it will be downgraded to Pebble.
    - Night: Staking 30K $NUM for 60 days or burn 30K $NUM to get Night immediately. Continuous staking is required otherwise it will be downgraded to Pebble.
  3. Join our future campaign and burn a designated amount of $NUM to get Rose(special edition).

See the following chart for CAPTCH-A staking breakdown:

Using CAPTCH-A for Governance

Many blockchain projects understand that success often depends on the community. Numbers Protocol recognizes this fact and will leverage the community’s input in the form of governance to drive the future direction of the network. Governance Calls will occur on a monthly basis and be conducted in 4 phases:

Phase 1: Discussion Topics

The Numbers Protocol team will select key topics related to the network and pose them to the community via community communication channels such as Discord.

Phase 2: Community Feedback

The community will have a period of time to discuss the question amongst themselves and pose potential solutions to the topics.

Phase 3: AMA & Numbers Tech Solutions

Following community feedback, the Numbers team will select interesting solutions posed by the community to have further discussion as well as provide a few potential tech solutions. Expanded discussion will take place in person via voice AMA on a community communication channel (ie: Discord). At the conclusion of the AMA, we will decide on which solutions will undergo governance vote.

Phase 4: Governance Vote

The final stage is the governance vote. CAPTCH-A owners with Snow or higher levels can participate in this final stage and burn NUM tokens to vote.

How to participate in Governance?

Phase 1, 2, 3 are open to all community members to participate. This means that everyone can offer up their opinions and join the discussion. Phase 4 will be locked behind staking and possession of an “active” CAPTCH-A.

This means only those who have acquired a CAPTCH-A NFT and have staked $NUM tokens for a period of time leading up to the governance vote can participate in Phase 4.

This governance format can be interpreted in the following ways:

  1. CAPTCH-A: Official Membership to the Numbers Protocol Network
  2. Staking to receive tickets:
    By staking NUM tokens in advance of the governance meetings, CAPTCH-A holders can receive tickets for a specific governance purpose.
    - Attendance ticket requirement (available for CAPTCH-A above Pebble level): stake 2,000 NUM for 10 days before the meeting starts.
    - Proposal ticket requirement (available for Night CAPTCH-A): stake 5,000 NUM for 14 days before the meeting starts.

Metaverse Governance Voting

In the future CAPTCH-A will be the primary avatar of the Numbers Metaverse. We may develop internally, leverage the community, or work with a game company to create software to allow community members to join governance calls with CAPTCH-A as their avatar. Stay tuned for more details.

Rose is on the way!

Stay tuned to our social media so that you won’t miss the chance to win Rose!

About Numbers Protocol

Numbers is building a decentralized photo network for creating community, value, and trust in digital media. Its Numbers Protocol redefines digital visual media as assets and is the backbone of a suite of tools for registering and retrieving images and videos in the Numbers network.

These include:

  • Capture App: The first blockchain camera in the world that users can easily register photos and use Web 3.0 applications.
  • Seal API: Developers and enterprises can implement Numbers API to register photos and access their Web3.0 addresses and certificates.
  • Certificates: content authenticity certificates with on-chain provenance
  • CaptureClub marketplace: Native NFT marketplace which allows photo generators to sell and stake their creations.
  • NFT Search Engine: The first Web 3.0 NFT search engine that helps users verify the history of NFTs and prevent potential NFT fraud.

Numbers champion the purity of digital media and enable people to think more critically about the interactions between our images and the world around us. The goal of Numbers is to tokenize authentic photos (including images and videos) to create a decentralized photo network in Web 3.0.

Website | Twitter | Telegram| Discord | Medium




Authenticated at the moment of capture. We champion the purity of digital media, enabling people to think more critically about the world around them.

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Numbers ;Decentralized Photo Network for Web 3.0 For creating community, value, and trust in digital media.

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