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New Wallet Page Landed In Capture App!

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With the most recent update to Capture App having just concluded, we are excited to introduce significant improvements with the wallet structure of Capture Service. With the recent changes, Capture Users should expect more clarity and control over their assets, including all photo & video assets, NFTs and of course NUM.

Let’s Check it Out!

Asset Wallet vs. Integrity Wallet

Many are unaware of this but Capture App comes equipped with two separate wallets: Asset Wallet and Integrity Wallet. These two wallets serve important functions within the Numbers Protocol network and understanding their unique purposes will help Capture App users manage them properly.

As the name suggests, Asset Wallet is where all registered Captures (photos and videos), minted NFTs and NUM reside. All Network Actions payments, CaptureClub transactions, Rewards and Airdrops will be facilitated with the Asset Wallet and managed by the Numbers Service to ensure users are not left without options in the event of network difficulties and wallet mismanagement.

Integrity Wallet is the non-custodial wallet of Capture App and as such users have control over the Integrity Wallet private keys. It is extremely important that you keep your keys safe as the integrity wallet serves an important role in creating secure assets in the Numbers Network. All assets created with Capture App have generated Integrity Records that help to establish the creator and context. These integrity records are digitally signed with the Integrity Wallet to ensure its security as the records are stored on the blockchain.

Transferring Between Asset & Integrity Wallet

Previously unavailable, transferring NUM between Asset and Integrity wallets are now easier than ever. Simply navigate to the wallet page and select `Deposit` or `Withdraw` and enter the amount you wish to transfer. Capture App will calculate Gas Fees in real-time. Complete the process by reviewing the complete order details and confirm Deposit and Withdrawal.

Once funds are transferred to Integrity Wallet, users are free to move the funds to another external wallet or gift to friends and family. We are super excited for these new wallet features and the autonomy it gives to our Capture App users to manage their assets easily and painlessly. We hope you guys enjoy them as well!

What’s Next for Capture App

There will be more exciting features to come. 2022 will be a year of improvement and progression. Look out for improved UI and camera features as well as an expanding ecosystem of Network Actions your Capture assets can opt into. Stay tuned!

Q&A for Capture App’s March update

Q. I don’t see my NUM tokens from the balance of the profile page, what should I do?

A. Please make sure you have updated Capture App to the latest version. With this version, balances are no longer in the Profile page but an independent Wallet page.

Q. My fund was moved out from my wallet, why was that?

A. Your funds were moved from YOUR Integrity Wallet to YOUR Asset Wallet, both wallets belong to your account. In order to avoid confusion and make it simpler for all our users, we have done the NUM migration from Integrity Wallet to Asset Wallet. All gas fees were covered by Numbers Protocol. Please make sure you have updated to the latest version of Capture App in order to see the correct balance.

Q. I prefer to keep my NUM in the Integrity Wallet, what can I do?

A. You can use the withdraw function to transfer NUM tokens from Asset Wallet to Integrity Wallet. However, please kindly noted, all service fee will be charged from Asset Wallet. Therefore, if you have withdraw all NUM tokens to the Integrity Wallet, you may not be able to use some services.

Q. If I want to transfer my NUM back to the Integrity Wallet, do I need to pay for the gas fee?

A. No. We understand this is a major update and there may be some inconvenience to users. For those users whose NUM were transferred to Asset Wallets, we will airdrop 5 NUM Points for all users to cover the transaction gas fee. If you prefer to transfer the NUM back to the Integrity Wallet, these point should cover your gas fees. If you choose to keep your NUM in the Asset Wallet, you are free to use 5 NUM Point for any service provided by Capture App or Numbers Protocol.

Q. When will I receive my 5 NUM Points airdrop?

A. Our dev team is working on it. You shall receive it in 1–3 working days.

Q. Why didn’t I see airdropped NUM Points in my wallet page?

A. NUM Points are only airdropped to users who are affected. If you did not keep any NUM in your Integrity Wallet, you were not affected by this change and therefore there won’t be eligible for any NUM Point airdrop.

Q. Can I export the private key of the Integrity Wallet?

A. Yes, you can. Please use the button “Export Integrity Key” in the wallet page of the Capture App. As explained, Integrity Key is used to create signature for your Web 3.0 photos. If the key is lost or stolen, someone may use the key to create fake signatures. Please keep it in the safe place after exporting it.

Q. Can I export the private key of the Asset Wallet?

A. Unfortunately, this current is not allowed. Capture App is designed to serve both people who are familiar with crypto and those who are not yet. Allowing users to export the private key may cause significant problems to users who are not familiar with crypto and the potential loss of their assets. However, if you still want to export your Asset Wallet, we are happy to assist you. Please feel free to send the request to

Q. What happens if I choose to send request and export my Asset Wallet?

A. The Asset Wallet will be completely deleted from the backend, and another asset wallet will be generated automatically and binded to your service account. After exporting Asset Wallet, you are solely responsible for the security of it.

Q. BTW, what is NUM Point?

A. NUM Point is a service point system newly introduced. NUM Points can be used as NUM tokens in the application of Numbers ecosystem. 1 NUM Point is equivalent to 1 NUM token.

About Capture App

Capture App is the world’s first blockchain and photo NFT camera app and is also the primary network tool of Numbers Protocol Decentralized Photo Network. Capture APP aims to solve real problems in a space that is littered with violations and inactions by equipping everyday users with the means of easily securing their own creations through Numbers innovative Capture, Seal, Trace protocol.

Download here:

About Numbers Protocol

Numbers is building a decentralized photo network for creating community, value, and trust in digital media. Its Numbers Protocol redefines digital visual media as assets and is the backbone of a suite of tools for registering and retrieving images and videos in the Numbers network.

These include:

  • Capture App: The first blockchain camera in the world that users can easily register photos and use Web 3.0 applications.
  • Seal API: Developers and enterprises can implement Numbers API to register photos and access their Web3.0 addresses and certificates.
  • Certificates: content authenticity certificates with on-chain provenance
  • CaptureClub marketplace: Native NFT marketplace which allows photo generators to sell and stake their creations.
  • NFT Search Engine: The first Web 3.0 NFT search engine that helps users verify the history of NFTs and prevent potential NFT fraud.

Numbers champion the purity of digital media and enable people to think more critically about the interactions between our images and the world around us. The goal of Numbers is to tokenize authentic photos (including images and videos) to create a decentralized photo network in Web 3.0.

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Numbers ;Decentralized Photo Network for Web 3.0 For creating community, value, and trust in digital media.