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Numbers Protocol Partner with Hedera to Empower and Bring Accountability to the Web3 Creative Economy

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We are excited to share that Capture NFTs have landed on the Hedera mainnet. Numbers Protocol is the first asset-centric Web3 protocol that leverages the innovative Capture, Seal, Trace process to make digital content traceable and verifiable. Issues surrounding digital content are well documented, and the lack of accountability has given rise to violations that pose a risk to creators and consumers of digital content. We aim to empower the creator economy and bring trust back into the digital content conversation by creating a substance-based NFT called Capture NFT that has creator, license, and asset history firmly established and archived on the blockchain.

We’ve launched Capture App — the first Web3 camera app equipped with one-click NFT minting on Hedara. Capture App allows anyone with a smartphone to create and mint NFTs on multiple networks, with Hedera support, without the need to tinker around with smart contracts or crypto wallets. Its intuitiveness has attracted the attention of CreatorDAO, who have gravitated towards Numbers Protocol’s vision and made Capture App their primary creative tool. CreatorDAO is a collection of like-minded creators in the curatorial, arts, and international media fields looking to leverage web3 technologies to advance a common goal of telling authentic stories with media. CreatorDAO members Spencer Murphy, Thomas Brown, Ken Hermann, and Rodrigo Oliveria have committed to showcasing their works as Capture NFTs on the Hedera network.

The vision of Numbers Protocol is to provide a protocol that supports the entire lifecycle of the modern digital asset. We chose to support NFTs on the Hedera network because we believe Hedera’s thriving NFT ecosystem and its commitment to pursuing energy-efficient solutions make it an attractive network to mint and grow Capture NFTs.

“What Numbers Protocol is creating is ambitious and needed. Traceable and verifiable NFTs represents the next progression of NFTs.” said Elaine Song, VP of Strategy for the HBAR Foundation. “We are excited to see the Hedera NFT ecosystem grow with reputable creations from established creators.”

The HBAR Foundation is focused on supporting projects that serve the Hedara ecosystem. The issues surrounding digital content are well documented and affect Hedera NFT ecosystem. Numbers works in the area of digital content authenticity is well documented with solid use cases such as Reuters 78 Days and Ukraine Project. With the support of the HBAR Foundation, we will continue to focus on identifying the needs of digital content and creators — ushering in a new era of traceable and verifiable digital content.

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About Hedera

The Hedera network is the most innovative, sustainable, enterprise-grade public ledger for the decentralized economy. The platform is governed by a globally diverse council of industry leading organizations, including abrdn, Avery Dennison, Boeing, Chainlink Labs, Dentons, Deutsche Telekom, DLA Piper, EDF (Électricité de France), eftpos, FIS (WorldPay), Google, IBM, the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), LG Electronics, Magalu, Nomura Holdings, ServiceNow, Shinhan Bank, Standard Bank Group, Swirlds, Tata Communications, Ubisoft, University College London (UCL), Wipro, and Zain Group.

For more information, visit, or follow us on Twitter at @hedera, Telegram, or Discord at The Hedera whitepaper can be found at

About The HBAR Foundation

The HBAR Foundation supports the creation of Web3 communities built on the Hedera network, by empowering and funding the builders developing these communities. The Foundation’s six funds — focused on the Crypto Economy, Metaverse, Sustainability, Fintech, Privacy, and Female Founders — each support communities within those areas, and the interconnectedness enables applications to participate as part of a larger ecosystem. The collective power of these funds enables entrepreneurs, developers, and enterprises of all sizes to tackle some of the world’s largest problems, and create and control their own economies, all built on the Hedera public network. Whether you’re building something new or migrating an existing EVM-based application and community, the HBAR Foundation is here to support you. For additional information, please visit

About Numbers Protocol

Numbers is building a decentralized photo network for creating community, value, and trust in digital media. Its Numbers Protocol redefines digital visual media as assets and is the backbone of a suite of tools for registering and retrieving images and videos in the Numbers network.

These include:

  • Capture App: The first blockchain camera in the world that users can easily register photos and use Web3.0 applications.
  • Numbers API: Developers and enterprises can implement Numbers API to register photos and access their Web3.0 addresses and certificates.
  • Certificates: content authenticity certificates with on-chain provenance
  • CaptureClub: Native NFT marketplace allows photo generators to sell and stake their creations.
  • Numbers Search Engine: The first Web3.0 NFT search engine that helps users verify the history of NFTs and prevent potential NFT fraud.

Numbers champion the purity of digital media and enable people to think more critically about the interactions between our images and the world around us. The goal of Numbers is to tokenize authentic photos (including images and videos) to create a decentralized photo network in Web3.0.

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Numbers ;Decentralized Photo Network for Web 3.0 For creating community, value, and trust in digital media.