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The 2nd Numbers DAO Meeting/Voting Starting from 25 Nov 13:00 UTC

Share your thought and determine the topic for Numbers DAO!

Details of the 2nd DAO Meeting

Meeting/Voting link:
(please login with your Capture account that owns a CAPTCH-A NFT)

Instruction of Numbers DAO Meeting/Voting Page

Step1: Get into the page and log in with the Capture account that owns a CAPTCH-A NFT

*Voting page support access on the desktop or mobile. But we highly recommend access from desktop for more stable performance.
*You may also log in with your Capture wallet imported to Metamask. But highly recommend using email log-in for the first time.

Step 2: Check the DAO rule before participating in the meeting

Step 3: Share your thoughts on the topic and discuss it with other members in the chat room.

*type “:history:” to check voting orders or “:dao rules:” to review rules again.

Step 4: Determine your decision and how many votes you want to show your support (only Snow/Rose owners can vote)

Step 5: Burn the corresponding NUM to vote.

*The voting gas fee will deduct NUM Points first, only deduct with NUM token when the NUM Points are insufficient.
*Your votes will reflect in the “Live Voting Result” 10–15 mins after you vote.
*The amount of NUM burned is calculated in the following way: NUM tokens burnt = (Desired votes)². For example, one vote takes one NUM token. Two votes take four NUM tokens, etc.

Check your order with :history: command in the chat room

The team will share the result with a recap of the discussion before Dec. 2.

Participate Gifts!

To celebrate and encourage community members to join DAO meeting, we prepared:

Use your DAO power to improve the project!

Participate NOW👉🏻



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