The 3rd Numbers DAO Meeting/Voting Starting from 21 Mar 13:00 UTC

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Share your thought and determine the topic for Numbers DAO!

Details of the 3nd DAO Meeting

  • Topic: NUM Burning Mechanism basis should change from numbers of asset registration to numbers of mainnet transactions.
  • Period: 21 Mar 13:00~23 Mar 13:00(UTC)
  • DAO Rule:
    - Only CAPTCH-A owners can participate in the DAO meeting.
    - Pebble owners can discuss the topic in the live chat and track the voting result.
    - Snow/Rose owners have one chance to vote for the topic.
    - Snow/Rose owners need to burn NUM to vote. The amount of NUM burned is calculated in the following way: NUM tokens burnt = (Desired votes)². For example, one vote takes one NUM token. Two votes take four NUM tokens, etc.
    - DAO rule recap: <Governance Ver. 2.0 — Numbers DAO Voting Rule Abstract & CAPTCH-A Whitelist>
  • Meeting/Voting link:
    (please login with your Capture account that owns a CAPTCH-A NFT)
  • Meeting Format: online texting chat room for discussion. The chat room will open for CAPTCH-A owners to discuss or share their thoughts.

Instruction of Numbers DAO Meeting/Voting Page

Step1: Get into the page and log in with the Capture account that owns a CAPTCH-A NFT

*Voting page support access on the desktop or mobile. But we highly recommend access from desktop for more stable performance.

*You may also log in with your Capture wallet imported to Metamask. But highly recommend using email log-in for the first time.

Step 2: Check the DAO rule before participating in the meeting

Step 3: Share your thoughts on the topic and discuss it with other members in the chat room.

*type “:history:” to check voting orders or “:dao rules:” to review rules again.

Step 4: Determine your decision and how many votes you want to show your support (only Snow/Rose owners can vote)

Step 5: Burn the corresponding NUM to vote.

*Your votes will reflect in the “Live Voting Result” 10–15 mins after you vote.

*The amount of NUM burned is calculated in the following way: NUM tokens burnt = (Desired votes)². For example, one vote takes one NUM token. Two votes take four NUM tokens, etc.

Check your order with :history: command in the chat room.

The team will share the result with a discussion recap before 31st Mar.

Participate Gifts!

To celebrate and encourage community members to join DAO meeting, we prepared:

  • Little secret gift for ALL participants (CAPTCH-A owners) who share their thoughts in the chat room during the DAO meeting period.
  • 1000 NUM token reward pool for 5 random Snow/Rose owners who vote during the DAO meeting period.

Use your DAO power to improve the project!

Participate NOW👉🏻

About Numbers Protocol

Numbers Protocol is the first asset-centric cross-network protocol and handles 6 billion gateway monthly traffic from 190 countries and is already being used and trusted by art, music, NFT platforms, metaverse, and is developing an application for AI companies to trace data provenance.

Products including:

  • Capture App: The world’s first Web3 camera.
    Allows users to secure photos and videos with on-chain integrity records, providing a transparent, immutable history of digital content.
  • Numbers API: Developers and enterprises can implement Numbers API to register photos and access their Web3 addresses and certificates.
  • Numbers Search Engine: Google for digital media.
    Boasting the highest multi-network asset coverage, reverse-image search, dedicated asset profiles, and AI-powered similar image results. Provenance of digital media can be found– ideal for general queries and vetting.

The rise of AI has brought an unprecedented amount of data generated and processed. Ensuring data traceability has become an increasingly important topic of discussion in the tech industry. We can ensure that AI is transparent and responsible through collaboration and developing innovative solutions like Numbers Protocol.

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