Highlights from ErasureCon: CoinList Partners with Erasure for new Hackathon

Richard Craib
Oct 7 · 2 min read

Two weeks ago we hosted ErasureCon at a deconsecrated church in San Francisco’s Russian Hill district. Here are the Erasure highlights — full video below.

Erasure is a new protocol for building staking and griefing applications on Ethereum. The protocol went live on main-net barely a month ago. Erasure already powers the Erasure Quant application and soon Numerai itself will be running on Erasure.

The applications Numerai has built so far represent only a tiny part of what’s possible with the protocol. At ErasureCon, we brought together developers, investors and users to present our plans and discuss the future.

Learn about how NMR has gone from a staking token on Numerai to a staking token for the web, how zero-day software exploits are a perfect use case for ErasureBay and the design philosophy of the protocol. I also sat down with Joel Monegro from Placeholder to talk about their investment thesis for Erasure and NMR. Watch the full Erasure presentation below.

Erasure Keynote full video

The Erasure team is going to be working on releasing ErasureBay, an information marketplace with the broad, mainstream application.

But to enable developers to take it further with their own applications we’ve announced a new partnership with CoinList to run an online Erasure Hackathon open to anyone.

Too often hackathons end with a bunch of gimmicky UIs and no lasting tools for developers. So the Erasure Hackathon is going to be different, and be focussed on building developer tools so that anyone without a coding background can implement Erasure across the web. 🏄‍♂️

Sign up for the Erasure Hackathon here


A new kind of hedge fund built by a network of data scientists.

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Richard Craib

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Founder of Numerai



A new kind of hedge fund built by a network of data scientists.

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