Placeholder thesis — Design update — Aliens Exist 👽

Anthony Mandelli
May 9, 2020 · 3 min read

There is now over $2 million staked on Erasure. Follow @ErasureBay on Twitter to see new requests. Post your questions for the next Erasure Bay Office Hours.

Request fulfilled

📜 Placeholder Erasure thesis

“Erasure solves the problem of bad information online.”

— Joel Monegro, Placeholder

Venture capital firm Placeholder published their Erasure thesis. Joel Monegro breaks down the Erasure protocol into its three core elements (payment, recourse, and track record), and explains how these ingredients have combined to build the foundation for the protocol today.

His conclusion?

🎓 Upcoming Office Hours

The next Erasure Bay Office Hours is May 12th at 10am PT. Join the call to ask questions, give feedback, or make feature requests!

Post your questions on Slido and follow Numerai on Twitter or join RocketChat for the link to the video call, which will be shared on Tuesday morning!

In the last office hours, we got a simple explanation of what Erasure Bay is, Richard Craib joined, and we learned about Jonathan’s dream to see a dating app built on Erasure.

👀 Reveal added

Erasure Bay saw its first new feature with the introduction of public reveals for requests.

After a request is fulfilled, you can now choose to reveal the submission to the world, allowing anyone to download the file. To date, 10 requests have been revealed.

🏖️ Frontend facelift

Erasure Bay saw some updates to its frontend to make requesting information smoother:

‘Request anything’ means request anything

🤖 Staked on Erasure bot adds DAI

Erasure’s number one fanbot @ErasureStaked updated its regular broadcasts to now include total value staked on Erasure denominated in DAI as well as NMR.

Tracking total DAI locked up in Erasure is one way to roughly gauge activity on Erasure Bay, which currently uses DAI for staking and rewards.

🍇 Protocol stats

Chart and statistics provided by DeFi Pulse as of 8:00 am EST, May 8

Total value locked is equivalent to:

  • $2.5M USD
  • 11.8k ETH
  • 252 BTC

NMR locked:

📊 Community-built analytics

The data science specialists at Omni Analytics Group did an in-depth analysis of some Erasure Bay metrics and neatly packaged it into an infographic:

From Omni Analytics

Erasure Bay all-star Klim teamed up with Richard Chen to build an Erasure Bay dashboard on Dune Analytics:

Explore charts on Dune Analytics

🍕 Most interesting requests

Erasure Bay has seen nearly 200 requests, with 55 coming through in April! Here are some of the most interesting ones:

🍄 Mushroom ID

🎥 Video of the full Epstein deposition

🛹 Skate park scandals

🌌 Numerai-inspired Zoom backgrounds

👽 Aliens Exist?

💕True love

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