Welcome to Erasure 2020

Stephane Gosselin
Jan 31 · 3 min read

Erasure is entering a new phase in 2020. As Fred Wilson wrote, the grand vision of Numerai comes to fruition with Erasure.

In 2019, we laid the groundwork for Erasure to achieve its full potential and bring Web3 to the rest of the Internet. This included:

  • Launching the protocol with its initial application, Erasure Quant
  • Migrating the Numerai tournament to the Erasure protocol — ultimately leading to an increase in stakes of 306%
  • Hosting the first ErasureCon in San Francisco
  • Bootstrapping a technical community with an online hackathon to build great tools

The Numbers


Number_Agreements keeps track of the total number of agreements created on Erasure since the launch of the protocol in August 2019. The large increase represents the migration of the Numerai tournament to Erasure in October. It's a good approximation of the number of purchases on the protocol - but does not reflect repeated purchases like on Numerai.

Current_Stake_Amount keeps track of the current value locked up in all erasure agreements. This number goes up when new tokens are staked and goes down when tokens are burned or withdrawn. Below is the week over week net change in those metrics.

We’re happy to share these metrics and encourage you to create and share your own dashboards — the data is freely available on Google BigQuery and GraphQL. Also, here’s an awesome Twitter bot created by a community member, we recommend a follow:

Augur Flippening

This is a great signal of where Erasure is headed. That being said, it is worthwhile to draw a distinction between these projects. While Augur is a prediction market, Erasure is a portal to a new internet. One way to think about Erasure is as AWS for Web3 — Numerai Web Services if you will. Erasure is a suite of plug and play components that make new applications possible. An oracle powered by Augur would be a great future addition to Erasure’s suite.

Tech Updates

Protocol Releases

  • v1.1.x in September included an upgrade to factories with significant gas optimizations
  • v1.2.x in December added the new escrow primitive to support payments
  • v1.3.x in January enabled staking and payments in DAI with NMR as source of scarcity

We worked with some great teams on these releases, including OpenZeppelin, fulldecent, and samczsun.

Erasure Clients

Protocol Explorers


Community Chat


A new kind of hedge fund built by a network of data scientists.

Stephane Gosselin

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A new kind of hedge fund built by a network of data scientists.

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