“You’re on mute”. We’re not done with this pandemic yet. So, you are probably still working from home, just like me, my wife, my neighbours. After nine months of virtual…

Friday Notes #6 — A Small Incursion into the Podcasting World. I started the week with a small incursion into the podcasting world with an excellent virtual friend, Mat. I enjoyed being part of his podcast, called “Éclectique” (a french podcast — link below). The subject of our discussion was two-fold. First, what are my intentions, as a content creator, for 2021? Second, we spent some time discussing my content creation tools and workflow. It was a real pleasure discussing content creation in challenging times. From a creativity standpoint, the pandemic has its positive sides. Yep. I no longer travel for vacation or commute for work. We have just begun our second confinements. I have more time at my disposal for content creation. Focusing on writing is helping me, in some way, to stay in a mostly positive mood during this pandemic. …

Friday notes #5 — I made (some) money on Medium. In “You’re Probably Not Going to Make Any Money On Medium” @ThomasSmith writes most people don’t make money on Medium. Surprised at first, I started to feel the imposter syndrome. The year 2020 is my best on Medium. I published 40 articles, commented on many articles. I’m constantly getting more than 1500 reads and 3000 views per month. I started a series, Friday Notes, increasing my posting frequency to become a more regular writer. I write about technology and digital photography tools, two popular themes. A few articles became popular like this one and this one. I’m proud and yes I made some money in 2020, nearly $1000 to be precise. We’re at the very beginning of 2021, everything is possible, right?

In 2020, my appetite for new apps and services has never been so high. I’m not into games at all, even though I have access to Apple’s Arcade service, I bought apps that I use on a regular basis for something that took a lot of my energy in 2020: writing and blogging. So, I started a subscription to Craft (a Notion competitor) while I keep using Notion, I bought apps like Fantastical (it’s a subscription actually), and started a subscription to Plausible, a replacement for Google’s Analytics. Those are just example. The year 2020 was the year of many thing but the screen took even more space in our daily lives. What if Time Magazine name “The Screen” as the person of the year?

I’ve been writing more, in many different places too, including here on Medium. I like where the platform is heading with last year’s changes. I started a series, called Friday Notes, inspired by Jean-Louis Gassée’s Monday Notes. It’s a weekly thing, to make sure I keep it going. Like many others, I started a more formal monthly newsletter, called Numeric Citizen Introspection, on Substack. Five issues already published. Time flies. But, there is a lingering question in my mind: does all this writing energy is available because of the pandemic forcing us to partial confinement? What will remain of all this writing energy after it’s all over is a mystery to me.

Friday Notes #4 — Being Full of Hope. It’s the time of the year where everything seems possible. I feel a sense of hope, goodwill and high expectations in people’s minds. After what we went through last year, 2021 certainly is full of promises. If all goes as planned, as if such a thing was possible, the COVID-19 pandemic should give us a break before fall, in developed countries at the very least. Full relief is in sight. As much I want the end of COVID-19, I don’t want to return to a pre-COVID-19 world. So many things need a fix. Will 2021 help us deliver on that hope? If we cannot get any long-lasting lessons from this ordeal, we never will. A massive, long-lasting collective will is needed for change to become a reality. Are you willing?

Friday Notes #3 — Being a Full-time blogger. This week was the first in a series of three where I’m on vacation, at home. Instead of doing my writing early in the morning or at night before going to bed, I did it just like a typical daytime job, during the day. And I liked it a lot; It felt like coming out of clandestinity. It was liberating. Now the question is: what if blogging was my full-time job? Would I enjoy it more or less? Is this only a part-type thing where pauses are beneficial to my writing process? When I’m retired, maybe this could become a full-time thing where my writing experience as a long time writer will take the place of the helpful breaks. Meanwhile, I do enjoy doing it with more intensity – Merry Christmas to all my readers. Take care. …

Friday notes #2 — Discovering enablers for writers. This week was very productive both for reading and writing. I made a pleasant discovery too. I think I found another great enabler, a non-intrusive tool that will support my research and writing workflow. Thanks to this article on MacStories: “MacStories Selects 2020: Recognizing the Best Apps of the Year”, I’m currently writing this shortform post with Craft, a new note taking application for the iPhone, iPad and Mac. It’s a crowded app category, yet it has the power to make me reconsider my own workflow. Craft is a lighter version of the very popular Notion app on which I depend for my writing needs. Craft is good enough for me to find a place in my numeric life while keeping Notion. Rest assured that I’ll write more about Craft shortly. …


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