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What Could Bitcoin Learn From the Internet?


Lesson 1: Security Should Not Be an Afterthought

The Internet architecture can be traced back to its original blueprint at the US Department of Defense (DoD). Its primary goal at the time was to link together a couple of DoD military networks. It also had seven secondary goals:

Security Review: The Bitcoin Protocol

In contrast to the Internet, Bitcoin was designed to be trust-minimized. This philosophy is crystalized in the mantra “do not trust, verify”.

Security Review: Bitcoin Applications

On the other hand, there is a lot of room for improvements when it comes to security at the Bitcoin application layer.


In summary, one of the biggest lessons Bitcoin can learn from the first era of the Internet is that security measures have to be taken from day one. Security flaws get exponentially more expensive to fix down the line once systems have been deployed, and habits and inertia take hold.



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