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🔥Decentralized Compute for SPOs is Coming! NuNet Approved For Grant from Cardano’s Catalyst Fund 7 Round

57% of Cardano Stake Pool Operators run their nodes on Big Tech servers. We’re about to radically change that 🚀

Greetings Singularitarians,

Cardano’s Catalyst Fund 7 voting has concluded, and we are delighted to report that NuNet’s proposal was successfully approved with 198 million worth of ADA votes, putting us in the top 20 most voted proposals in the funding round! Additionally, the grant is the second highest usd value grant in all of Cardano Catalyst history, at $120,000. We would like to take this opportunity to review what our proposal entails, discuss what has already been accomplished for this project, look forward to what this means for the future of NuNet, and thank the Cardano Community for the invitation to collaborate, support and deepen the technical integration.

The Proposal

NuNet’s proposal is titled NuNet: Decentralized SPO Computing. Once complete, it will allow Cardano stake pool operators to run their block-producing nodes on community provisioned hardware, also known as “compute providers” within NuNet. This use-case will increase Cardano’s decentralization and decrease its reliance on Big Tech. Having a cloud-computing option that is not run by Big Tech companies will give SPOs cheaper service that is also free from the possibility of being shut down by a centralized provider’s decisions.

Development Has Already Begun

For anyone concerned about whether or not NuNet will fulfill the promises laid out in its proposal, the fact of the matter is that we have already begun development on this use-case, even before funding was approved. It is already possible to run passive Cardano relay nodes on NuNet Private Alpha, a first step on the road to running block-producing nodes. We have had some success in developing secure shell access for stakepool operators, and recently conducted tests of symmetric NAT connections for peer-to-peer communication. This approved proposal allows us to proceed with the use case to block producing nodes. Anyone interested in the progress of this use-case can follow it on our Jira development board. Additionally, we will have recurring decentralized SPO progress reports on a regular basis.

The Future

Now that funding for the SPO use-case has been successful, development will continue unabated. Once ready, a small group of Cardano SPOs will be chosen for trial runs on our testnet, with a full release to mainnet to follow later this year. If you are a Cardano SPO and interested in helping out or staying up to date on developments, please submit this form.

The Cardano stake pools are not an isolated use-case for NuNet. The container system that is being developed for it will benefit NuNet for the creation of more use-cases in the future as we continue our mission to provide decentralized cloud computing for all! We are excited to double down on this journey with the help of the Cardano community!

We’re Hiring!

NuNet currently has seven open positions for various roles. If you have the skills to join us in our journey, you can find more information and contact us through our jobs page.

About NuNet

NuNet lets anyone share and monetize their computing resources, turning cloud computing power from a centralized service into an open protocol powered by blockchain. Find out more via:



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