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First NTX airdrop period: claiming has started

Greetings Singularitarians,

The first period of the airdrop of NTX tokens to AGIX token holders concluded its registration period yesterday, the rewards can be claimed by those who registered in the SingularityNET Airdrop Portal.

Out of 15166 eligible wallets, 4216 AGIX token holders registered their wallet. During this first period, they share 12,500,000 NTX tokens at a market value at time of writing of 700,000 USD.

Users can choose to claim the airdrop directly into the 90 day bonded staking pool on SingularityDAO. The pool has a capacity of 40,000,000 NTX tokens and a guaranteed APY of 100%. Users can also claim the airdrop to their Ethereum wallets. Both claiming options will cost gas fees.
Note: there initially was a small bug resulting in some users not seeing the claim button, this has been resolved now, refreshing the page will do the trick.

Alternatively users can choose to claim multiple registered periods at once at a later point in time, reducing gas costs. The final date to claim registrations of any of the airdrop periods is November 22nd 2022. After this the funds will return to the foundation for development.

For those who want to join the airdrop in later periods, see the schedule below for all dates and see this blogpost by NuNet for the complete details.

Warning and support

Be wary of scammers impersonating official NuNet or other ecosystem representatives to trick you into sending tokens to the wrong address. Our official sources are this blog, our website, Twitter, Telegram, and Youtube. Do not trust people reaching out to you claiming to be from NuNet. You can find a full list of official SingularityNET ecosystem telegram admins here.

About NuNet

NuNet lets anyone share and monetize their computing resources, turning cloud computing power from a centralized service into an open protocol powered by blockchain. Find out more via:



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