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NuNet Monthly Recap: February 2022

Greetings Singularitarians,

February has brought several milestones and opportunities to NuNet. We saw successful funding through Cardano’s Catalyst Fund 7 voting on our decentralized stake pool computing use case. We began a campaign to find a partner for our Fake News Warning Application, along with other marketing pushes, such as a press release on Yahoo. Most importantly, progress has been made on the NuNet platform development.

Catalyst Funding Success

Cardano’s Catalyst Fund 7 concluded this month, with NuNet’s Decentralized SPO Computing proposal being accepted as one of the top 20 most voted proposals in the funding round, as well as receiving the second largest funding amount in Catalyst history. You can learn more about NuNet’s plan to bring decentralized stake pool computing to Cardano in our press release on Yahoo, or our short explainer document.

If you are a Cardano stake pool operator and would like to be updated about this use case as it progresses, please fill out this form.

Partnership and Marketing Announcements

NuNet announced our plans to find a partner for our Fake News Warning App, which was used as a showcase application for our Private Alpha. The importance for NuNet is less about developing this specific use case, and more about our strategy to form partnerships with organizations to facilitate development of the core NuNet platform features and decentralized technology. To learn more about the app see our recent blog, or email us if you are interested in the partnership.

Network Development

Progress has been made on the NuNet protocol development this month. A solution has been found for establishing symmetric NAT connections between devices using NuNet containers. A test was carried out for nodes that are behind symmetric NAT, and they were able to successfully communicate with the help of the relay node. We have now managed to cover all types of NAT with this latest implementation. The next steps are modularizing the implementation and making performance optimizations.

Secure shell access for Cardano stake pool operators has been devised. With the highest probability, the NuNet Cardano Nodes for Stake Pool Operators will be running on Firecracker containers. An issue was found where a delay would occur when a peer sends data while receiving, making shell access inefficient and preventing use of editors, python terminal, etc. The issue was resolved by terminal access without using the browser and xterm.js as well as aiohttp were removed.

You can track NuNet’s development, as always, on our Jira development board or subscribe to the @nunet_global Twitter feed or tags #NuNet #DevUpdate.

We’re Hiring!

NuNet currently has a number of open positions for various roles within the team. If you have the skills and desire to join us in our journey, you can find more information and contact us through our jobs page.


NuNet CEO Kabir Veitas will be hosting an AMA at 18:00 UTC Friday, March 4th on the NuNet Youtube channel. Please submit any questions to this form and join us!

About NuNet

NuNet lets anyone share and monetize their computing resources, turning cloud computing power from a centralized service into an open protocol powered by blockchain. Find out more via:



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