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NuNet NTX Token Launch: Token Generation Event

Greetings Singularitarians!

Update NOV 26th:

The NuNet token (NTX) has launched!

NTX token Contract: 0xF0d33BeDa4d734C72684b5f9abBEbf715D0a7935

Decimals: 6

Importing the token as custom token to wallets from cmc has defaulted to 18 decimals on UniSwap for some users, manually (re-)adding the custom token prevents this. We recommend using the SingularityDAO swap.

Bonded staking pool on SingularityDAO:
- 30 days lockup
- minimum 50% APY at full capacity (30,000,000 NTX)
- 75,000 NTX cap per wallet

UniSwap NTX/ETH Pair:

Uniswap swap link:

Launchpad Token Claim:

Dextools link (we were trending #1!):

Today we are officially announcing the details of the upcoming NuNet Token Generation Event (TGE). But first we would like to share our gratitude with you, our passionate community, who contributed $2,000,000 in just 90 seconds, last week during the community round. Also, thanks to everyone who is currently participating in the public round on OccamRazer and Launchpool, underway this week. Your generous support is what is bringing this important project to life.

The TGE will take place on Friday, November 26th, with 3 exciting components.

  • First, the initial unlock of vested NTX tokens will be released.
  • Second, we will seed a NTX-ETH Uniswap pool for the DEX round of our token launch.
  • Finally, we will launch staking and farming incentives on SingularityDAO.

We would also like to announce that we are officially cross chain, as the portion of NTX supply on Cardano has been minted, therefore the full 1B token supply is established. Here are all the details:

Token release

Claiming starts: 2021 Nov 26 13:00 UTC.

Community round participants will see the first 10% of their vested tokens released, available to claim in the SingularityDAO Launchpad, according to the schedule outlined in the original token launch blogpost. For details on the public round token release, please refer to their respective websites, and; they will also be available at exactly the same time.

Total circulating supply after TGE: 75,000,000 NTX

Uniswap pool

Listing on Uniswap: 2021 Nov 26 between 13:00–13:30 UTC, the NTX-ETH pool will be created, initially listing at $0.04 per NTX token. The price will vary over time based on pool transactions. The swapping functionality will also be available on SingularityDAO.

Staking and farming

Bonded staking NTX
— Single asset staking on SingularityDAO
— Staking window opens 25th, closes 29th
— 30 days lockup period
— Rewards are 1,250,000 NTX
— Max pool is 30,000,000 NTX
— Max cap per wallet 75,000 NTX
— Minimum 50% APY
— The bonded staking pool will auto-rollover into next periods

Yield farming NTX/ETH
— Stake the LP token from the NTX/ETH pool, on SingularityDAO
— Yield farming will be available starting Nov 30th
— No lockup period
— 525,000 NTX rewards over 2 months
— APY% varies as the pool grows

All details will be communicated via separate blog posts — both on NuNet’s and SingularityDAO blogs.

NTX — A Multi-chain Token

NTX is a cross-chain token and 63.12% of total supply was minted on Ethereum network. As promised, the other 36.88% of the total NTX supply was just minted on the Cardano blockchain, as Native Token.

The token address on Cardano, or Policy Id, as you can see on Cardanoscan, is 7c837b20d64215db69b00878d62615d701e267191ede9eb832f9c11d4e5458.

The token address on Ethereum, as you can see on Etherscan is 0xf0d33beda4d734c72684b5f9abbebf715d0a7935.

The tokenomics page on our website details the exact ratio between NTX-ETH and NTX-ADA tokens within the token distribution.

Our Gratitude and the Future of NuNet

We’re very excited for the token launch event and want to once again express our gratitude for the support the community has shown, as well as all the help from the ecosystem partners — SingularityNET, SingularityDAO and all others! This token launch event is a small step in the broader light of the roadmap, but a very, VERY significant milestone. Expect updates soon on the AGIX token holder airdrop, team extensions, job openings, the community developer program and much more. Looking forward to it!

Warning and support

Be wary of scammers impersonating official NuNet or other ecosystem representatives to trick you into sending tokens to the wrong address. Our official sources are this blog, our website, Twitter, Telegram, and Youtube. Do not trust people reaching out to you claiming to be from NuNet. You can find a full list of official SingularityNET ecosystem telegram admins here.

About NuNet

NuNet lets anyone share and monetize their computing resources, turning cloud computing power from a centralized service into an open protocol powered by blockchain. Find out more via:




NuNet provides globally distributed computing power and storage for decentralized networks and global intelligent computing.

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