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NuNet Staking Update

Greetings Singularitarians,

There will be some upgrades to the staking and farming options NuNet offers. The current bonded staking pool on the SingularityDAO dApp is ending in four days, on January 24th. From that same day we are offering a 90-day bonded pool, along with the extension of yield farming. The tokens currently in the 30-day pool, including rewards, will be transferred to the 90-day pool at no cost to users. The rewards for yield farming LP tokens of the NTX/ETH pair will almost triple.

Bonded Staking

Due to the design of the current staking smart contract, the 30-day bonded pool could not allow direct staking from the airdrop portal, therefore this pool will be discontinued. Starting January 24th, we will run a 90-day bonded staking pool. This is the pool which allows for claiming NTX directly from the SingularityNET Airdrop portal, which will incur some gas fees for the user (note: you can decide to claim all of your NTX tokens at the end of the airdrop campaign to save on fees). The tokens currently staked in the 30-day pool will be transferred by NuNet to the 90-day pool at no cost to users. New stakers will be able to join the new 90-day pool from January 24th 13:00 UTC until January 30th 13:00 UTC, and the epoch will end on April 24th 13:00 UTC. It will then automatically roll over, including rewards, into the next 90-day epoch. The epochs of this pool are in sync with the NTX airdrop for AGIX holders claiming periods. The pool will be capped at 40,000,000 NTX and the rewards per epoch will be 10,000,000 NTX, providing a minimum APY of 100%. This pool will have a per wallet maximum cap of 2,000,000 NTX. If you want to manually add additional tokens to this new pool you will need to pay transaction fees to approve and stake.

Yield Farming

The yield farming rewards for the NTX/ETH liquidity pool will be significantly increased. For the upcoming 60-day period, the rewards will be 1,500,000 NTX. At the current amount of LP provision, this would result in an APR of 300+%. The actual APR, as always, depends on the total amount of contributions. For more information on providing liquidity you can check the SingularityDAO documents on it.

Youtube AMA

This Friday, January 21st 2022, at 17:30 UTC, our CEO Dr. Kabir Veitas will host an AMA on the SingularityNET YouTube channel, please submit any questions you might have to this form.

Please consider subscribing to NuNet’s Youtube Channel if you haven’t already. We need at least 1000 subscribers to begin live streaming frequent updates and chats from our own channel.

About NuNet

NuNet lets anyone share and monetize their computing resources, turning cloud computing power from a centralized service into an open protocol powered by blockchain. Find out more via:



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