History of Photography

Photography as a whole has really made progress since the early 1800. The camera was first of developed in a box that was plain. It produced blurry images but at least, it was a step in the right direction. Today, cameras have been upgraded and improvised to work on almost all devices like smartphones and laptops. Before cameras were improved on, they started small and ended up in to what it is today.

first picture

Below is a brief history on photography;

  • Cameras
    could not have existed without the invention of cameras. A camera was just an idea that started up in the 5th century; until an Iraqi scientist decided to come up with dark room (camera obscura). The camera did not really capture clear images it simply projected images to another surface. The pictures would come out with the image upside down and it could not trace the drawings of the background. Later on in the 17th century, the camera obscura was made small enough to beportable. This is also the same time lenses that focus on lighting were invented.
  • Images
    camera obscura started being famous among different kinds of people. It was therefore a successful project that was able to grow quickly. However in 1830 a French man was able to record a picture that did not fade quickly. His success gave him motivation to do other camera experiments that helped upgrade it. Emulsion plates and wet plates were invented in the 1800. They played a major role in the development of the modern camera.
  • Types of cameras
    with the invention and development of dry plates, emulsion plates, and daguerreotype, companies started coming up with different types of cameras that had unique features and lenses that take remarkable photos. Kodak was the first company that was started in 1880. The cameras however worked like the disposable cameras we have today; people would rent out the cameras and take pictures. Later on, the pictures will be processed and printed out. The images taken turned out better than the first invented camera. During war, pictures were taken to tell a story of the horrors of the war that took place. During that time, cameras gained their popularity but were a bit expensive to own. By 2008, cameras became a device that every person owned and could afford.


The invention of cameras gave birth to photography. Cameras have come a long way since 1800 and should be respected. For more information on photography visit www.nunzioprenna.co.uk

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