Introducing all-new Margin Trading on Nuo

Siddharth Verma
Sep 27 · 4 min read

Since our margin trade launch in March 2019, the platform has generated over $8M in trade volume, generated profits of ~$500k+ for traders and earned premium of ~$200k for lenders.

While we are overwhelmed by this amazing response, we have been listening to all the feedback, pain points and concerns that our users have posed. After collating all of them and working on them for the past 3 months, we have now released a margin trading platform that understands the needs of new margin traders and provides them with just the required information.

So, What’s New?

1. Higher trade amount allowed per trade

2. Entry price & Auto Liquidation price

3. Select your own profit token

4. In-depth analysis of past performance of your trade

Graph representation of trade placed in Long Position(left) and Short Position(right)

5. Continuous Visibility of Liquidation prices for active trades

6. Clarity of profits/losses post trade completion

7. Other changes

In the near future, we plan to increase the max trade amounts to a much higher amount and add the ability to add/remove part of the collateral amount from the margin trade.

Create your first trade now on the new platform and double your profit or cover your loss upto $20 when you do so (First 250 users only).

Nuo Network

Lend and Borrow Cryptocurrency

Siddharth Verma

Written by

Co-Founder, Nuo | Blockchain Banking

Nuo Network

Lend and Borrow Cryptocurrency

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