Let’s get to “Nuo” Each other Better!

A sneak peak into our journey so far and beyond

Syed Shoeb
Feb 26 · 3 min read

Over the course of our one year journey, since we launched in Feb 2019, we have consolidated our position as the leading DeFi protocol in Asia in terms of total value locked-in. Besides achieving the key milestones of over $500M on-chain transactions, $30 M reserves created and completing over 137 K meta transactions, we have been working incessantly towards building a solid and transparent ecosystem.

Consequently, we have launched multiple suites of products recently to enhance trust and strengthen the community!

Let’s take a dive into our recent launches!

Nuo Product Roadmap

Nuo Product Roadmap

One of the first rollouts this year is the product roadmap for Nuo. Adding to the point of transparency, we have made our product roadmap public.

The purpose of making it public is two folds,

One is to give our community a clear view of what we’re working on, what we’re about to work on, and what we’re thinking about working on!

Secondly, since we aim to make our product community-driven rather than making the community product-driven, which is why we have added a feature for the community can suggest new features and we shall ship the most requested ones.

NuoScan: The Real-time Protocol Explorer

The Dashboard

NuoScan is a one-stop directory to view all the analytics related to trades, loans, reserves and other transactions on Nuo Network. With this, Nuo became the only platform in the whole DeFi landscape to give open access to all order books of loans, trades and reserves.

Nuo DeFi School

Nuo DeFi School is an initiative to educate the masses about the Decentralised Finance ecosystem. In its current form, it is a series of short videos, each explaining common use-cases and jargons. We expect this to shape into something much more community-driven and maybe even have other forms of content.

Lastly, but just as importantly,

Nuo Spark: The First-ever Offline Trading Competition in DeFi Space

Snapshot from the day of competition

On Feb 16, 2020, Nuo became the first DeFi platform to organize an offline Trading Competition in Bangalore. More than 50 trades were placed just in an hour’s duration by 40+ traders as part of this trading competition. This overwhelming response has inspired us to now come out with a global Trading Competition. Announcement “MAY” follow soon!

We are just getting started! Stay tuned to our twitter channel for exclusive updates!

Nuo Network

Lend and Borrow Cryptocurrency

Syed Shoeb

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Thought Leader @Hackernoon and @CryptocurrencyHub | Crypto Specialist | International Business management graduate | Most viewed Crypto Columnist on Quora.

Nuo Network

Lend and Borrow Cryptocurrency

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