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Joanna Seltzer
Nurses You Should Know


The Nurses You Should Know team formed in December 2020 to envision a digital space to elevate the stories of nurses of color.

We believe nursing requires all of us to shape and transform the profession and improve outcomes for patients and communities.

Given the lack of space and attention towards the stories of nurses of color over the centuries, our editorial decision to highlight the contributions of nurses of color is designed to intentionally narrow the representation gap seen throughout the historical and present day nursing narrative.

Meet The Team

It takes a collaborative brain trust of nurses, designers, advisors, and equity allies to expand a 160-year-old nursing narrative.

Project Leads

Research Team

  • Rhonda Sullivan, DNP, PhD, Clinical Director of Wound Care Marketing
  • Monique Cobbs, RN, MSN, Clinical Development Specialist at Hartford HealthCare at Home

Visual Design Contributors

Data Analytics


  • Dr. Sandy Cayo, Member of Omicron Chi Chi Chapter of Chi Eta Phi Sorority, Inc / Black Nurse Association of NYC and Vice President of Clinical Practice and Transformation at New Jersey Hospital Association
  • Dr. Sheldon Fields, First Vice President and National Health Policy Chair of National Black Nurse Association, Founding Former Chapter President of Greater NYC Black Nurses Association, and Associate Dean for Equity & Inclusion at Penn State Nursing
  • Dr. Layla Qaabidh, President of Omicron Chi Chi Chapter of Chi Eta Phi Sorority, Inc. and Associate Dean at Helene Fuld College of Nursing
  • Dr. Kamila Barnes, President of Theta Chi Chapter, Inc. of Chi Eta Phi Sorority, Inc., 2nd VP Of Greater NYC Black Nurses Association, Inc. (Founding Member), and Assistant Professor at LIU-Brooklyn School of Nursing
  • Dr. Selena Gilles, Programming Chair of Greater NYC Black Nurses Association (Founding Member) and Director of NYU Undergraduate Nursing Program and Associate Professor
  • Dr. Oriana Beaudet, Vice President of Innovation at American Nurse Association
  • Karen Frazier Somerville, Vice President and General Manager at American Nurses Association
  • Wendy Ellman, Director of Product Outcomes and Integrations at American Nurses Association

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Joanna Seltzer
Nurses You Should Know

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