Alisia Granville

Nurse Leader, Coach, and Consultant

Alisia Granville is from Birmingham, Alabama and her experiences growing up in the church watching the Nurses Guild, official and unofficial nurses who cared for parishioners, sparked her interest in nursing. Her father supported this interest and Alisia later went on to pursue her Bachelor of Science in Nursing from the University of Alabama at Tuscaloosa. Upon graduation, she worked at University of Alabama Birmingham hospital in the Burns and Trauma Unit and worked in many departments and specialties since then. Alisia has served as a nurse manager at NYU Langone Health in New York, New York and Novant Health in Charlotte, North Carolina. She also completed a Master of Science in Nursing in Healthcare Systems Management from Loyola University in New Orleans. She currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia.

Photo Source from Alisia Granville

Alisia is an established professional nurse with extensive clinical and administrative practice. She is an effective Transformational Leader, who inspires and promotes professional development of nursing leaders and nursing excellence. Alisia has produced high performing medical units and nursing teams throughout her years of nursing service. Alisia has a proven innate ability to coach teams to achieve exceptional quality performance. She has designed and executed patient centered programs that has improved outcomes, satisfaction, productivity and profitability for large healthcare organizations. Alisia is skilled in Interdisciplinary collaboration and is highly competent in organizational savvy and the development of professional relationships. Throughout her professional career, Alisia created team environments that fostered accountability and a solution focused approach to conflict resolution and performance improvement. Through Alisia’s coaching and leadership, low performing teams were transformed into high performing teams. Her leadership of these teams resulted in an increase in synergist team dynamics and positive culture.

In 2017, Alisia was selected as a fellow for the highly selective Startup Leadership program (SLP), a training program from outstanding founders and innovators. She has also collaborated on a multitude of projects such as Emergency Response Clinical “Plain Language” Operations and Transitional Planning, Kimmel Pavilion (NYU Langone Health) Emergency Response Operational and Transitional Planning and is certified with a Lean Six Sigma Green Belt. In 2018 she was recognized by NYU Langone Health as the Nurses Week Leader of Change. She founded THEnursemanagerCOACH, LLC in 2020 to provide community, resources and tools for nurse managers who need help navigating the complexities of nursing leadership.

View Alisia’s Nurses You Should Know Video here.


The information above was sourced from Alisia Granville.

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To learn more about inclusion in nursing and be part of the national discussion to address racism in nursing, check out and share the following resources:

Know Your History

Examine Bias

  • NurseManifest to attend live zoom sessions with fellow nurses on nursing’s overdue reckoning on racism or to sign their pledge.
  • Breaking Bias in Healthcare, an online course created by scientist Anu Gupta, to learn how bias is related to our brain’s neurobiology and can be mitigated with mindfulness.
  • Revolutionary Love Learning Hub provides free tools for learners and educators to use love as fuel towards ourselves, our opponents, and to others so that we can embody a world where we see no strangers.

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