Nursing Notes
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Nursing Notes

From Nurse to Teacher

My journey of compassion and caring

Author; 1987.

‘Once you are a nurse, it is not just your job, it is not just your career — it becomes who you are’ Barbara Edwards; MSN, CMS, RN, CNL

As a child growing up in small-town New Zealand I didn’t dream of being a nurse; I wanted to be a teacher. Every day after school I would line up my teddy’s and dolls in a make-shift classroom in my garage…

Nurses have one of the most rewarding yet physically and emotionally challenging jobs. Nursing Notes is a publication to showcase the beauty of our profession with an aim to inspire and educate fellow nurses from all around the world.

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Barb Dalton 🇺🇦

Barb Dalton 🇺🇦

Mother. Nurse. Teacher. Crafter. Photographer. And now, writer…

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