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Earn big: Top University Subjects For The Highest Future Earnings

There’s much to take into consideration when choosing your university course. You’re going to be spending the next few years of your life studying for your degree, after all, so it’s important that your course is the perfect fit for you. Are you picking a subject which you’re passionate about? Are future career prospects in the subject area positive?

And while it’s key to ensure you’re picking a degree with great employment rates, it’s also worth taking into consideration your potential future salary: because ultimately, you will want to be rewarded for your hard work at university with a great monthly pay packet.

So which jobs pay the highest, and what subjects are best to pick when studying at university to get yourself on the ladder to these high earning careers?

Well according to data gathered from the Department for Education by The Telegraph, it’s several of the health and science options that rank particularly well when it comes to average earnings for graduates (within five years of completing your degree); medicine, dentistry, pharmacology, veterinary sciences, physics and chemistry all breaking into the top ten.

1) Medicine and dentistry


2) Economics


3) Pharmacology, toxicology and pharmacy


4) Engineering


5) Mathematical sciences


6) Veterinary sciences


7) Physics and astronomy


8) Architecture, building and planning


9) Chemistry


10 Politics


Which is perhaps unsurprising, given that Medical Practitioners later down their career paths earn on average £75,855 per year, making this a potentially lucrative option. Not too shabby at all, so long as you’re prepared for a lack of sleep and a lot of patients. And those helping our furry friends are well reimbursed for their efforts too, with vets picking up an average £33,200 per annum within five years of graduation.

Looking long-term, once you’ve established yourself in your career beyond university, which are the jobs that take home the big bucks? Monster lists a number of medical-related roles that can earn you a substantial salary without having to study of upwards ten years to get there. The salary amount for each healthcare role varies, but earnings can go up to £100,000 for those jobs that require specific educational requirements, training or technical backgrounds. As an example, a Diagnostic Radiographer may have a starting salary of around £21,900, but at consultant level you can earn up to £68,484.

If you’re eyeing up your future incomes, then the stats would have it that you needn’t look any further than medicine, the sciences, and even healthcare for your studies.

No matter which subject you end up going for, be sure to research and make sure that it’s the right choice for you personally. A course which you’re excited by, at a university you’d love to learn at, based in a city you’d be comfortable living in. A nice future salary certainly doesn’t hurt either! aim to be the ultimate provider of educational support. From personalised academic support services to free learning resources, we are here to help nursing and healthcare students at every stage of their education.



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