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acBTC Savings Announcement and More!

Exclusive yields for ERC20 BTC only!

Over the next few weeks, we will be introducing a number of new ERC20 BTC strategies to the acBTC Savings application.

The acBTC Savings application aims to serve as a one-stop platform offering a comprehensive selection of ERC20 BTC strategies where users can generate effective returns on their ERC20 BTC holdings.

Below presents the upcoming strategy release schedule.

LP —Deposit Liquidity Provider token
Single — Deposit single asset token


Although AC is not an ERC20 BTC asset, this is one of the most sought after strategies for long-term AC holders. Since the community has been looking for ways to put their AC bags to effective use, we are introducing an impermanent loss-free AC strategy.

AC holders can deposit AC to earn additional AC. AC yield will be generated through AC repurchase program. The following section explains how the AC repurchase program works.


Current returns on HBTCCrv is still significantly lower relative to stablecoin and large cap altcoin yields. With that being said, we hope to offer some additional yield for HBTCCrv holders.

HBTCCrv holders can deposit HBTCCrv to earn AC and HBTCCrv with no impermanent loss.

Furthermore, there are no standalone HBTC strategies currently on the market (as of the time of writing). The HBTC strategy allows HBTC holders to deposit HBTC to earn AC and HBTC with minimal impermanent loss.

renCrv and renBTC

To say the current returns on renCrv and renBTC on the open market is not exciting is an understatement. Therefore, we are spicing things up by offering additional yield for renCrv and renBTC holders.

renCrv holders can deposit renCrv to earn AC and renCrv with no impermanent loss.

renBTC holders can deposit renBTC to earn AC and renBTC with minimal impermanent loss.

oBTCCrv and oBTC

Currently, the returns on oBTCCrv and oBTC are the most competitive amongst the ERC20 BTC asset class. Nevertheless, being the great partner that we are, we will be offering further yields for oBTCCrv and oBTC holders to further drive adoption.

oBTCCrv holders can deposit oBTCCrv to earn AC and oBTCCrv with no impermanent loss.

oBTC holders can deposit oBTC to earn AC and oBTC with minimal impermanent loss.


With WBTC being the largest ERC20 BTC in terms of mint volume, it also has the lowest yield amongst its ERC20 BTC peers. But don’t worry, we’re here to shake things up a bit by offering fresh yields for WBTC holders.

The WBTC strategy is a dual reward strategy that allows WBTC holders to generate returns in AC and WBTC with minimal impermanent loss.

acBTC Savings Strategies Cheat Sheet

Base Reward — yield denominated in the deposit asset
AC Reward — additional AC incentives

AC Repurchase Program

We will be introducing the AC Repurchase Program at the beginning of Week 13.

The AC Repurchase Program encompasses a 15% performance fee levied on all strategies excluding acBTC and UNI ETH-AC.

The fees collected will be used to repurchase AC from the open market; the repurchased AC will then be distributed as yield in the AC Strategy (going live at the start of Week 14).

The goal of the AC Repurchase Program is to further incentivize AC holders for to generate effective returns for long-term AC holders.

Future usage plans for performance fees collected will be open for community proposals.

Still have questions? Join our Discord channel for live updates!

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