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Introducing ACoconut Governance on BSC

🧚🏼‍♂️Unlock the true power of AC

Governance Portal on BSC:

Today, we are excited to launch ACoconut Governance on BSC.

The launch marks the beginning of a new chapter as we welcome the community to take an active role in building and governing the ACoconut ecosystem.

As outlined in AC Tokenomics v2, AC holders can lock AC in return for vAC. vAC holders possess voting rights and increased mining power.

To further solidify ACoconut v2 on BSC as the de-facto BTC yield aggregator, we have submitted the inaugural ACoconut Improvement Proposal (AIP) to add beltBTC+ as a Single Plus strategy.

AIP #1: Launching beltBTC+

Access AIP #1:

Start Date: 14:00 May 22, 2021 (UTC+8)

End Date: 14:00 May 25, 2021 (UTC+8)

beltBTC+ is a new Single Plus asset backed by beltBTC.

beltBTC is a multi-strategy yield token introduced by, an AMM protocol incorporating multi-strategy yield optimization. Similar to other plus assets, beltBTC+ enhances usability of beltBTC, making it BTC-pegged while providing global interest to its holders.

How to Cast a Vote

  • Read proposal details and scroll down to the “Cast your vote” section
  • Select your choice, click “Vote” to confirm and then click “Vote” to sign in your wallet (Please note that you only can vote when you have vAC. You can obtain vAC by locking AC via
  • Once voted, you can see your vote result


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  2. Introducing ACoconut v2
  3. ACoconut: The First Cross-Chain BTC Yield Aggregator
  4. Introducing ACoconut Tokenomics v2
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  6. Join Discord →

About ACoconut
ACoconut is a BTC DeFi protocol suite designed to enable frictionless movement of BTC liquidity between decentralized systems. The ACoconut protocol suite consists of BTC+ and acBTC, powered by NUTS Finance.

About NUTS Finance
NUTS Finance is a blockchain development DAO focuses on building secure, composable and open source technology to empower financial applications on the blockchain. Our team is composed of experienced developers, financiers and serial entrepreneurs.

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