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November Usage Incentive Program Update <> AC Raffle Party

Since announcing the AC Usage Incentive Program at the start of Week 5, we’ve been working on different designs to optimize the allocation strategy for the Usage Incentive Pool. Our primary goal is to introduce fun and engaging designs to drive awareness and usage for the acBTC ecosystem.

Going forward on a monthly basis, we will be launching new events via our Discord channel. Every event will be tied to an AC allocation from the Usage Incentive Pool. Participants can earn AC by participating in the event.

Without further ado, we are excited to announce AC Raffle Party as our first experiment for the month of November!

AC Raffle Party is the inaugural event to raise awareness for the acSwap application. From now until 11:59 EST 11/302020, simply conduct a swap transaction for a chance to win!

1,000 AC is allocated to the Raffle Party and 20 lucky winners will be drawn to split the allocation.

Participation details:

  1. Conduct a Swap transaction via acSwap (
  2. Capture a screenshot showing the transaction history on Etherscan
  3. Send screenshot to the #raffle-party channel
  4. A raffle draw will be conducted on December 1st and the lucky winner will be officially announced.

In order to increase transparency for AC distribution, we will be publishing a weekly schedule of the AC Usage Incentive Pool. The schedule allows community members to see the reserve balance as well as any on-going events.

Currently, AC distribution from the usage incentive allocation is done via off-chain format. We will work towards automating the process going forward.

Weekly AC Usage Incentive Pool Schedule

Liquidity Mining Resources

  1. HODLER Pool Mining Guide

Still have questions? Join our Discord channel for live updates!

💬 Join Us on our Journey!

Twitter: @ACoconutDAO





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