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Week 18 AC Emission Memo

Week 18 = 10:00 EST 1/31/2021 to 9:59 EST 2/7/2021

Since announcing a number of allocation adjustments in Week 16, we have witnessed significant reduction in sell side pressure; bringing supply and demand back into equilibrium.

We will be keeping the same allocation proportion between Liquidity Mining and Savings strategies for Week 18. We will continue to monitor the emission rate and allocation strategy as we continue to drive asset inflow for our Savings strategies.

For those who missed our note on allocation adjustments, be sure to check our post on AC Allocation and Weekly Emission Update.

The following Liquidity Mining and Savings strategies will be active during Week 18:

acBTC | Uniswap ETH-AC| AC Savings
HBTCCrv | renCrv | oBTCCrv

  • Total emission from Liquidity Allocation for Week 18 is 60,000 AC;
  • 20% of total emission (12,000 AC) is reserved for Ecosystem Incentive;
  • 20% of total emission (12,000 AC) is reserved for acSafe;
  • 15% of total emission (9,000 AC) is reserved for Affiliate Mining;
  • 45% of total emission (27,000 AC) will be allocated between acBTC, Uniswap ETH-AC and all active savings strategies;
  • 20% from all active strategies will be distributed via Liquidity Mining (5,400 AC) and 80% will be distributed via AC Booster (21,600 AC).


If you missed our memo on AC Booster, AC Usage Incentive and AC Token Economics, you can read more about it here:

AC Booster Program
AC Usage Incentive
AC Token Economics

For participation details, please refer to the following user guides:

acBTC | Uniswap ETH-AC LP | AC Savings
renCrv LP | HBTCCrv LP | oBTCCrv LP

Still have questions? Join our Discord channel for live updates!

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