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Week 4 AC Liquidity Mining Memo

Starting off with a quick recap of the migration event which took place on 13:30 EST 10/24/2020 where the Big Blind Pool was successfully migrated to the HODLER Pool.

Approximately 577.1750 acBTC were minted from renCRV LP tokens. The entire acBTC balance was automatically migrated and staked in the HODLER Pool to earn AC rewards. Any unclaimed AC balance in the Big Blind Pool was also migrated to the HODLER Pool.

A big thank you to all of our early supporters who participated in the Big Blind Pool!

Now back to the serious business!

Week 4 = 10:00 EST 10/25/2020 to 9:59 EST 11/1/2020.

HODLER and Straddle Pool will continue to run throughout Week 4.

  • Total emission for Week 4 is 150,000 AC
  • Emission rate for the HODLER Pool is set to 12,857 AC/Day;
  • HODLER Pool participants can stake acBTC to earn AC and transaction fees collected from the acSwap* application;
  • Emission rate for the Straddle Pool is set to 8,571 AC/Day;
  • Straddle Pool participants can stake Uniswap ETH-AC LP tokens to earn AC.

acSwap application will be going live within 48 hours from the time of the publication of this memo.

We will be releasing a liquidity mining guide for HODLER Pool shortly. Stay tuned!

Liquidity Mining Resources

  1. Straddle Pool Mining Guide
  2. HODLER Pool Mining Guide

Still have questions? Join our Discord channel for live updates!

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