Nuvola 3.0.9: EOL Schedule, Fedora 26 & Debian Buster Packages and Updated Repository Key

Nuvola 3.0.9 was released and brings packages for Fedora 26 and Debian Buster. The key for the package repository for Ubuntu/Debian/Fedora was updated and it is necessary to download the new key on your system. Finally, the end of life for Nuvola 3.0.x series is scheduled to December 31st, 2017 (two years since the initial 3.0.0 release).

Nuvola 3.0.9 Released

Nuvola 3.0.9 is a maintenance release containing following changes:

  • WebKitGTK+ ≥ 2.16.3 is required as it fixes many web compatibility issues.
  • Welcome text updated with with the link to Nuvola’s Medium blog and information about Nuvola 3.0.x End of Life schedule.

Nuvola’s Ubuntu/Debian/Fedora Repository

  • Packages for Fedora 26 and Debian Buster (testing) are available.
  • The signing key has been updated. If you see errors about key expiration, run one of following commands according to your distribution.
# Ubuntu/Debian
sudo apt-key adv --keyserver hkp:// \
--recv-keys 40554B8FA5FE6F6A
# Fedora
sudo rpm --import \

Nuvola 3.0. x End of Life

The end of life for Nuvola 3.0.x series is scheduled to December 31st, 2017 (two years since the initial 3.0.0 release). You can upgrade to Nuvola 4.x series anytime. These builds are currently available only to users with Nuvola Premium/Patron account, but following changes will be made by the time of Nuvola 3.0.x EOL:

  • Nuvola 4.x builds will offer free trial period.
  • New $1/month subscription will be added for users who cannot afford Premium plan ($3/month).
  • The source code will remain available for free to make free third-party builds possible.

Update September 8th, 2017: Nuvola 4.7 offers a $1/month plan (Nuvola Basic) with free trial.

Thank You for Your Support

At the time of writing, the awesome people listed bellow and a few others are Nuvola Patrons, who support the development of Nuvola Player and have access to Nuvola Apps 4.x Rolling Releases (cross-distribution flatpak packages). Thank you all!

Andrew Allen, Simon Law, Bart Libert, Bryan Wyatt, Christian Dannie Storgaard, José Antonio Rey, Ryan Wagner, Chris Beeley, David, Andrew Azores, Andrew Kvalheim, Balázs, Ben MacLeod, Martin Wimpress, Duco van Amstel, David Wiczer, Gabriele, Nathan Warkentin.

If you are a Nuvola Patron but your name is not listed, you have to enable the “Show my name and a link to my external profile page in a list of Patrons.” option in your profile settings. Obviously, it is not enabled by default to protect privacy of our patrons.

Nuvola News

News from the Nuvola Apps project.

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Nuvola News

News from the Nuvola Apps project.

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