Nuvola 4.10 Uses Chromium Engine for Spotify, Deezer, YouTube, Mixcloud, and BBC iPlayer to Play Without Flash Plugin

Nuvola 4.10 was released. It is the first release to use new Chromium backend for five selected scripts to achieve audio playback without Flash plugin.

To install Nuvola, follow installation instructions at the Nuvola Apps Repository Index. To update Nuvola, run flatpak update --system && flatpak update --user in terminal (as a regular user, not root/sudo) or use a package manager which supports Flatpak (e.g., a recent GNOME Software application with the Flatpak plugin).

This blog post applies to the genuine flatpak builds of Nuvola. If you use a third-party build, contact your distributor to find out which features are available.

This blog post is targeted to users. If you are a developer or a packager, make sure you are subscribed to the Nuvola-devel mailing list to receive a more technical release announcement.

Testing of Chromium Engine

To be sure everything works out perfectly, I invited Nuvola Basic/Premium/Patron users to test Nuvola with Chromium engine. As a result, five scripts are allowed to use it, and several issues were addressed, e.g.:

Spotify Works Again

Spotify requires Widewine plugin, which is supported by Chromium engine. The plugin is downloaded when you launch Spotify for the first time.

Spotify in Nuvola 4.10.

Deezer Plays Without Flash Plugin

Deezer requires Media Source Extension (MSE) to use a HML5 player. While the support of MSE in WebKitGTK is not complete enough for Deezer, Chromium backend can play without any issues.

Deezer in Nuvola 4.10.
Mixcloud in Nuvola 4.10.

YouTube Plays Without Flash Plugin

YouTube requires MSE for HTML5 playback as well and works perfectly with Chromium engine. As you can see, even a 4K video is available.

YouTube in Nuvola 4.10.

BBC iPlayer Playback More Stable

BBC iPlayer also requires MSE for playback without Flash plugin. It was already enabled in WebKitGTK+ backend, but let me cite Andrew Stubbs, the maintainer of this script, when I asked him to test the Chromium backend:

The performance difference between WebKit and Chromium is vast. The WebKit version barely works. It often hangs up, spinners spin forever, and live streams don’t work at all. The Chromium version just works, and works fast.
BBC iPlayer in Nuvola 4.10.

Pending Google Play Music Issues

Google Play Music also requires MSE for audio playback without Flash plugin. Although it plays without any issues with Chromium backend, it still uses WebKitGTK in Nuvola 4.10 because popup menus don’t work under Wayland. We hope to resolve this issue in Nuvola 4.11.

Updated Scripts

  • Amazon Cloud Player 5.6 by Andrew Stubbs: Updated album name extraction, added thumbs up/down actions and fixed compatibility with CEF backend.
  • BBC iPlayer 1.4 by Andrew Stubbs: Update live TV & radio integration; fixed compatibility with CEF backend.
  • Deezer 3.0 by Jiří Janoušek: Switched to HTML5 Audio playback instead of the Flash plugin; fixed “Add to Favorite tracks” action.
  • Micxloud 4.1 adopted by Jiří Janoušek: Ported to support the new interface and added CEF backend requirement.
  • Spotify 3.0 adopted by Jiří Janoušek: Updated to support new Spotify web player. Requires CEF backend.
  • YouTube 2.0 adopted by Jiří Janoušek: Fixed metadata parsing and ported to use HTML5 Audio/Video. Requires CEF backend.

Nuvola Contributes to Good Angel Foundation

Jiri Janousek, the core developer of Nuvola Apps project, is glad to contribute a part of the project’s revenue to the Good Angel foundation. This way, he can regularly help families with children, which face financial distress as a result of severe illness. Even small monetary donations can help these families overcome a tough period.

Nuvola contributes to Good Angel Foundation.

Thank You for Your Support

At the time of writing, the awesome people listed bellow and a few others are Nuvola Patrons, who support the development of Nuvola Player. Thank you all!

Christian Dannie Storgaard, José Antonio Rey, Ryan Wagner, Simon Law, Bart Libert, Chris Beeley,Andrew Azores, Bryan Wyatt, Balázs,Martin Wimpress, Denton Davenport, Ben MacLeod, Duco van Amstel, David Wiczer, Andrew Allen, Nathan Warkentin, Chuck Talk.

If you are a Nuvola Patron but your name is not listed, you have to enable the “Show my name and a link to my external profile page in a list of Patrons.” option in your profile settings. Obviously, it is not enabled by default to protect privacy of our patrons.