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Nuvola 4.24 fixes Spotify, Deezer and Yandex Music

Another release of Nuvola Player is out in the wild. Version 4.24 brings bug fixes of three services.

What’s New for Users

Spotify script 3.7

Maintainer: Jiří Janoušek • Flatpak packageSource code

  • Fix track progress bar integration [GitHub Ticket].
  • Fix integration of volume bar.

Deezer script 3.6

Maintainer: Jiří Janoušek • Flatpak package Source code

Yandex Music script 1.9

Maintainer: Aleksey Zhidkov • Flatpak packageSource code

  • Update like button selectors.


  • Text in error dialogs is not selectable to let users copy error messages [GitHub ticket].
  • GNOME SDK upgraded to version 41 [GitHub ticket].

Thank You for Your Support

At the time of writing, the awesome people listed below and a few others are Nuvola Patrons, who support the development of Nuvola Apps Runtime. Thank you all!



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